Are “Fast Radio Bursts” From Neutron Stars or Extraterrestrials?

They STILL do not know the origin…

The rare phenomena of FBRs or fast radio bursts still puzzle astronomers.  They have only detected a few of these ever and a recent one in 2015 has astronomers scratching their heads.  In this article astronomers examine this phenomena in more depth and ponder what is the origin of some or all of them?

Very recently, a team of scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) achieved an historic first by being able to pinpoint the source of fast radio bursts (FRBs). With the help of observatories around the world, they determined that these radio signals originated in an elliptical galaxy 6 billion light years from Earth.

In all previous cases where FRBs were detected, they appeared to be one-off events, lasting for mere milliseconds. However, after running the data from a recent FRB through a supercomputer, a team of scientists at McGill University in Montreal have determined that in this instance, the signal was repeating in nature. This finding has some serious implications for the astronomical community, and is also considered by some to be proof of extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Are these all from neutron stars or perhaps something else?

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