Could Forms Of Life That We Don’t Understand Be On Mars Right Now?

Could it be possible?

The curiosity rover has taken some never before seen pics with some strange anomalies.  And some of those have made quite a buzz on the web like the mysterious “face” and others. That being said, many have speculated that extraterrestrials and/or organisms of some form may have existed on Mars in the past. Perhaps the conditions were different enough. However, what if other types of organisms are there right now and we just don’t understand how they work or are unable to detect them with conventional search methods?

What do you think the chances may be right now?

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  1. James Tohannie said:

    I honestly believe humans originated from Mars. It was a dying, waring planet. We came to earth just when it was habitable enough. That’s why humans look to the stars longingly and that’s why we associate the red planet as the God of war.

  2. Jesse McGowen said:

    That’s a fucking stupid question. Yes of course. Hell they could be here on earth. If we lack the knowledge to understand them then they could be anywhere and we would have to work on that assumption until we find something to the contrary.