He is Convinced That Time Travel Actually Happened

Is he out of his mind or is there something to it?

In the 1980s a reported event of mystery is the subject of a time travel debate.  Off the bat we will straight up state that it is very far out there and the evidence is a bit lacking but it is worth sharing and you can form your own opinion.

Here is more from the reported incident:

A sphere of tingly energy surrounded the UFO causing radio interference with the base, and induced a hazy state of confusion and timelessness for the two men who approached it. When patrol seargent Jim Penniston got close enough to touch some black markings etched onto the craft, it blasted off in a brilliant burst of light.

What is fascinating is related talks of binary code that have gotten attention from some physicists.

Have you ever heard of this story before?

This is a continuation of the strange account by at least one person:

As the men staggered back to the road, Penniston was left with the crystal clear impression of a long series of ones and zeroes that he did not understand, but copied into his notebook. It would take almost thirty years until someone recognized that this was a message in binary code, and translated, it seems to be from time travelers from the year eighty-one hundred.

The message says:
“ Exploration of Humanity,
Continuous for planetary advance,
Fourth coordinate continuous” – Which seems to refer to time travelling explorers.

And then a series of map coordinates that refer to ancient places of power, like the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Nazca Lines of Peru.

Does this sound way too out there?  Please feel free to comment with your ideas on this.

We hope you like the video and find it interesting!


  1. Michael John Birks said:

    I have it on good authority that early spy satellites would jettison film carts contained in heat resistant containers and be captured over Suffolk-Bentwaters by two large aircraft flying parallel with a type of net strung between them to capture the cylinders which glowed very hot…………….

  2. Xevious Walker said:

    Ufos are not interstellar craft. Those are not aliens per say. They are from here. Just not this plane of existence. People call them angels and demons. They are jealous of us in that they cant physically touch anything on our existence. Only the living can do that and they are not technically alive. They are looking for a way to exist here more than by inhabiting a human.