They Found A Potential “Super-Earth” At The Edge of The Solar System

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Could you imagine the implications?  There have been some incredible pictures of Pluto this year with unprecedented clarity.  And now, astronomers think they may have detected a new large planet like formation past Pluto, at the very edge of our solar system.  Here is a bit more information on the developments:

Astronomers using data from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have found a distant object in the direction of Alpha Centauri. The object appears to be in the outer region of our solar system, and depending on its distance could be a hypothesized ”super-Earth.”

In 2014, ALMA found a faint object in the direction of Alpha Centauri A & B. The object was again observed in May of this year, this time more clearly. Given that the object is within a few arcseconds of the Alpha Centauri system, it would seem reasonable to presume that it could be part of that system, possibly gravitationally bound as Alpha Centauri D. The Centauri system is about 4 light years away, and at that distance (given the object’s brightness at submillimeter wavelengths) it would have to be a red dwarf star. But such a star would also be clearly visible in the infrared, so if this object is Alpha Centauri D we should have seen it long ago.

It seems to be somewhat of a coincidence in that it was in the direction of Alpha Centauri.  Now that they have figured that out, expect much more focus on this unusual formation.  Here is one of the possibilites about this object which is the cause for all the buzz:

Another possibility (which seems more likely to the object’s discoverers) is that it is about 300 AU away and about 1.5 times the size of Earth, making it the first “super-Earth” found in our solar system.

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  1. Golden Martz said:

    I understand that and trust me I know that all life will not be like that of earth but extremophiles would evolve at alot slower rate than that of normal terrestrial animals due to the harsh environment and evolving to the point of life like that on earth well you would pretty much be looking at the idea of something like the xebomorph from alien something that would be environmentally perfect for lack of a better term but the original point I was making in this post got lost in the comments about life a planet out that far would never and I mean never be considered a ‘super earth” it could not happen cause being out that far away from the sun in itself is hypocrytical of the term super earth basically something alot like earth but better

  2. Rich Doughty said:

    Except the Sumerian, with help from the anunnaki. They pretty much nailed the solar system and all that which resides within it.

    Deny if you like.

  3. Paul J. Koehler said:

    Technically this is outside our solar or bitting another star. However, it’s orbit takes it to the edge of it’s system bringing it “relatively” close to the outer edge of our solar system.

  4. Paul J. Koehler said:

    Technically this is outside of our solar system orbiting another star. However, its orbit takes it to the outer edge of its system bringing it “relatively” close to the outer edge of our solar system.

  5. Abraham Ellis said:

    yeah its called nibiru and its on its way back around now. thats why its able to finally be detected. major changes are already happening on the planet and in a few more months, a certain group of evil people on this planet will finally be wiped out.

  6. James D Mills said:

    I just wanna say say Jupiter is a failed star so wouldn’t we technically be in a binary system. I still think there a dwarf star of some kind tho. Helps the numbers make sense.