Will a Model Rocket Motor Work In A Vacuum?

Today, we’re taking a look at whether or not a Model Rocket Motor will work in a Vacuum like Space. This is an interesting topic, because NASA has been launching rockets into the vacuum of Space for awhile now. They make it seem so easy, and I can’t help but wonder how it works. Especially because they are using these rockets in a vacuum.

Well, at least there are people out there trying to explain this stuff to me. Thanks to the man who made this video, I can at least be sure they work. The only way to know if something works is to test it yourself. But seriously. Don’t try this at home without the proper equipment and the know how.

Now that I’ve seen this video I get that rockets can be used in the vacuum of space. I still don’t know how, but I’m a lot more interesting in learning how. Thanks for watching, make sure to come back here for more science facts! Thanks to Cody’sLab for that great video!

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