Guy Builds a “Newman Neorotor Generator” and its Amazing

This is a continuation of the description from the home experimenter who uploaded the video:

I’ve witnessed Rodin coils and Abha coils charging caps more effectively than just regular coils, so the coil geometry used is important. There is a good bit of electrodynamics going on here, with the interaction of the fixed magnetic poles of the permanent magnet rotor and the repeating buildup and sharp collapse of the L1 coil magnetic and electric fields, ( The B field and E field which are always and everywhere found together in nearly all electrical devices like phase conjugate pairs )

Also note:  do not try this at home without the supervision of a professional.  What do you think is he onto something?  Or is this just a fun hobby or both?

Stay tuned for more cool videos from home experimenters and new types of motors!