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Is There a Fifth Force of Nature?

Is There a Fifth Force of Nature?

Up until now we’ve known of four fundamental forces of nature. Gravity, Electromagnetic, and the strong and weak nuclear forces. These four forces have been the basis of many of the ideas and theories we’ve made. But, a fifth force might exist, that’s right, a fifth. Scientists theorize that there might be a FIFTH force of nature somewhere out there

Solution for the “Grandfather Paradox”?

When thinking of traveling through time, our first goal is probably not to interfere with our own birth…but what if we did? What happens if you end up killing your grandfather while travelling back in time? Would you still be born? If you were never born how could you travel back in time in the first

Ever Heard of the “Coanda Effect” in Physics?

it is surprisingly amazing Transportation of the future and efficient energy may depend on this physics property.  It is named after Henri Coanda after he came up with a bright idea that you may or may not have heard of before.  It has to do with airflow and believe it or not, how it would effect

Have Scientists Really Discovered a New Form of Light?

is this possible? The process physicists describe may be hard to get one’s mind around.  And what they describe may at first seem to violate the physics that we think we understand.  Here is an intro into what they had to say: Physicists have described a never-before-seen form of light, produced by binding photons (or

A Skydiver Jumped 7,600 Meters With No Parachute and…

was that a good idea? He is absolutely crazy and did something that shocked everyone.  When we think of crazy stunts we think of bungee jumping and maybe regular skydivers.  And perhaps you have seen the guy who flies around with the bat wings who definitely has some lack of fear.  However, those people had

Can You Dig Quantum Entanglement as Part of the Universe?

truth can be stranger and cooler than fiction… From the double slit experiment to astronomical observations that don’t “make sense” quantum entanglement is likely real. Are you aware of quantum entanglement?  This is where new physics and astrophysics theories start getting even more interesting and E=mc2 gets a fresh new look.  This video examines the

Have You Heard of the “Coanda Effect” in Physics?

it might surprise you 😉 Transportation of the future and efficient energy may depend on this physics property.  It is named after Henri Coanda after he came up with a bright idea that you may or may not have heard of before.  It has to do with airflow and believe it or not, how it

Can “Liquid Metal” Actually Solve This Maze?

what is your guess? Physics can surprise us in ways we have never even thought of.  Who likes puzzles and mazes?  Although extremely cool the purpose of this experiment was to prove a hypothesis based on some very neat physics. Despite the seemingly simple setup of the maze the properties of physics they are testing

Guy Makes a Light Saber at Home and its Amazing

is this SWEET or what? This guy uses a 12 watt main component in this awesome laser DIY experiment…  Lightsabers and lasers are awesome and who knew there was a custom lightsaber group on the facebook?  Apparently social media can be used to unite around all sorts of interests which is awesome.  The home experimenter

Guy Builds a “Newman Neorotor Generator” and its Amazing

check THIS out.. This home experimenter built a cool efficient energy device from home.  Jack Scholze has made some neat electric motors and things based on the works of Tesla.  There are some other home experimenters who have done similar things and uploaded them.  This particular one is called a newman neorotor generator.  Others have

Scientists Used a Cool Phenomenon That Does Something Amazing

Can you guess? In this experiment they show off a super cool phenomenon that will boggle your mind. This super cool physics effect called the Leidenfrost effect has been harnessed and actually used for an invention! It is an unusual phenomenon that allows water droplets to levitate and even climb uphill.   Physicists at the University

Scientists Discovered a New Kind of Light…Seriously

is this even possible?  What is this? Just when you think we know about photons these experimenters find out some crazy stuff.  Is light a wave or a particle?  Most people think both as been covered by the site and other articles before.  And now, these physicists get technical and explain what they just spotted:

Guy Makes a “Quad 4 Tesla Coil” Configuration at Home

now THAT is impressive! Home experimenter Daniel Nunez does a really cool home experiment with a quad Tesla coil configuration.  Most experiments in this area are with one coil so observing the effects of this array is interesting.  Here is his brief excerpt: Here is a demonstration of 4 POE Vortex Coil Minis wired in

They Discovered a New State of Matter?

wait what? a Bizarre prediction from 40 years ago may have been proven right?  When we think of states of matter we think solid, liquid, and gas right?  And some people think plasma is a fourth state of matter which is debateable.  However, there was a bold and unusual prediction from decades ago about matter

Could “Quantum Teleportation” Work?

is this too far out there? In this video they discuss a way out there concept.  Shows like Star Trek and others in science fiction have portrayed futuristic devices that cam teleport you.  They are trying to relate it to quantum physics in this case which may or may not even be relevant.  Tying notional