Guy Builds a “Newman Neorotor Generator” and its Amazing

check THIS out..

This home experimenter built a cool efficient energy device from home.  Jack Scholze has made some neat electric motors and things based on the works of Tesla.  There are some other home experimenters who have done similar things and uploaded them.  This particular one is called a newman neorotor generator.  Others have names like pulsar and the like.  Here is a bit about the stats on this thing:

My killawatt meter shows 1.8 watts approx. in the video, but the tare is 1.4 watts, ( the power brick consumes 1.4 watts with no load ) So the motor only uses about 1/2 watt from 3000 to 5000 rpm, and sometimes higher. The charger does not appear to add any additional load, so part of the charge energy for the capacitor is the so-called radiant or zeropoint energy.

Let’s watch him start this thing in the video on page 2!

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