10 Mysterious Events That Happened On Earth…

do you know about all of THESE?

There are often reports, especially around the internet about strange and mysterious events from all over the world.  Some of them seem more credible than others and have been reported by multiple people.  Lately there have been strange reports of fracking quakes in Oklahoma but that is another story.  The ones on this list are unexplained.  This video lists the top 10 events that fit this criterea.  Here is one of them:

Japanese Trees?) What do neutron stars, black holes, and Japanese cedar trees have to do with each other? Fusa Miyake, a cosmic-ray physicist from Nagoya University in Japan, was studying tree ring data to look for evidence of big, cosmic events using carbon dating techniques. He found one. Approximately 775 AD was a big year for tree growth, largely due to a spike in carbon-14 detected in the rings of Japanese cedar trees.

Have you heard of this one or perhaps others on the list?  Do you think they will ever be able to figure out the mystery of some or all of these or will historians never know?

Let’s find out all 10 mysterious happenings in the video on page 2

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