Volcano Shaped Pyramid?!

That’s right, there is a pyramid shaped like a volcano in Peru! Originally, it was though to be a man made mound in the 1960s but until that’s all they thought the mound was. Robert Benfer , professor emeritus at the University of Missouri who focuses on biological anthropology, and his team decided it was long past time to investigate this mound. When him and his team dug into the centre of the crater they found a collapsed stairwell.

His team wasn’t exactly looking for a pyramid like this, but they found one anyway. What they were looking for was an earthwork similar to what him and his team found earlier. Mounds shaped like orcas, condors, and other animals. Benfer and his team stumbled across the 50ft tall man made volcano. They decided to climb it to see if they could spot anymore mounds.

I knew that a mountain in the valley had a large archaeological site, San Isidro, with platforms oriented to the solstice. So with my team, we climbed it to get a better view of the surrounding valley and I saw the Volcán site from a platform.

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