5 Things Science Can’t Explain


That’s right, there’s still stuff science can’t explain. It seems unlikely after all the leaps in science we’ve been making as of late, but it’s true. Scientists still have issues explaining certain things. Even though these things haven’t been found out doesn’t mean people haven’t stopped looking. It just means they’ve hit a dead end until they can find a way past it. Don’t worry though, most of the time they do.

Of course, there are tons of things science can’t explain, but there are also TONS of things it can explain. Scientists have been working hard for a while now to explain all sorts of things and figure out new things. I don’t think anyone will ever know anything there ever is to know, but we can sure try to get close there.

Well, here are 5 things science can’t explain,


That video only shows 5 (Plus one honourable mention)  of the things science can’t explain, but there’s a BUNCH more out there. Make sure to check back in to see more.

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