The Twin Paradox

Sure, Paradoxes can be fun, unless you go back in time and kill your dad. But that’s beside the point, today we’re looking at the “Twin Paradox”. Let me just give you a quick rundown of this “Twin Paradox”. The Twin Paradox theorizes that if you took a pair of twins and sent one into space, and had that one go on a little adventure. When they got back, time would have gone at a much slower pace for them than the other twin. Meaning that the twin that stayed on Earth would have aged more than the one that left.

The Twin Paradox has been used in the past to “prove” Einstein’s theory wrong. Now though, there have been many solutions to it, So it’s not really a “Paradox” it’s more of a “Problem”. Supposedly proving Einstein’s theory right. Even though the twin problem was supposed to prove his theory wrong it backfired and proved it right.

For the longest time, paradoxes like this have peaked my interest. It’s always quite interesting to try and figure out what I would do in that situation, or how I’d solve it. I’m glad that there are people out there who share my interest and have the time to figure this stuff out. Otherwise we wouldn’t have awesome videos like this one. So I’ll just let this one explain the Twin problem to you.


The Twin Problem is pretty interesting, right? I mean, I think the problem is pretty cool. Well, either way, you should check back here to find some more interesting facts, or stories.