Producing Liquid Nitrogen From Air

That’s right, you can make your own liquid nitrogen, from scratch! Well, not from scratch, but from air. Either way, that’s pretty cool! Of course you’re going to need a bunch of stuff. Which shouldn’t be too hard to get. First though, Let’s talk about where you’d be getting the nitrogen from. The Air, that’s right, it contains 79% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen and 1% of other elements. Meaning you’d just get all your Nitrogen straight out of the air, that’s pretty cool.

Now to make liquid nitrogen you’d need to compress the Air in some sort of compressor. After that, you’d need to take the air and run it through some sort of Nitrogen membrane separating the Nitrogen gas from the rest of the Air. Once the nitrogen is separate from the air you need to make the nitrogen really cold using a machine of some sort, maybe a helium compressor, as shown in the video. After the nitrogen has been cooled you’re going to need to get a cryo-head and have the nitrogen drip into a bin so you can collect the liquid nitrogen.

Liquid nitrogen has many uses. Experiments, which might be fun. As well as storing blood cells and reproductive cells, a more serious use. Although Liquid Nitrogen is useful it’s still kind of dangerous, as it can lead to frost bite or worse. So please be careful using liquid nitrogen.

Of course, I don’t know as much about this stuff as other people. You should check out this video to find out how to really make your own liquid nitrogen.

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