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5 Things Science Can’t Explain

5 Things Science Can’t Explain

  That’s right, there’s still stuff science can’t explain. It seems unlikely after all the leaps in science we’ve been making as of late, but it’s true. Scientists still have issues explaining certain things. Even though these things haven’t been found out doesn’t mean people haven’t stopped looking. It just means they’ve hit a dead end

Time Travel Proven Possible?!

Yes, you read that right! Time travel has been proven possible! Ben Tippett, a math instructor at The University Of British Columbia, has found a mathematical formula for time travel! A UBC article quotes Tippett saying, People think of time travel as something fictional, and we tend to think it’s not possible because we don’t actually do

Does This Time Travel Story From 1980 Have Any Validity?

is this bogus or is there more to it? Did time travel really happen 35 years ago in Great Britain?  Some people think so.  If nothing else it is interesting to learn about this as many feel it is real: Dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, the Rendlesham Forest incident, which took place over a series of nights in

The “Laser Guy” Makes A Light Saber In His Lab

this is INSANELY cool… The ever inventive “Styropyro” makes another laser device in his lab and this one emulates the likeness of a light saber. NOTE:  DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL There have been some other videos of lasers and home experiments in the quest for a real light saber

1 Million People are Playing a Game You Can’t See It

this started BEFORE Pokemon Go Many of us have heard of virtual reality applications and games growing in popularity.  And of course there have been a number of movies making a parody or prediction of such a world like the Tron films.  Did you know however there is a game called Ingress that is being

Is This the First “Time Machine” in the World?

What does this mean? The world’s first time machine??  That is an extremely strong statement and is indeed being claimed by the title of this video.  That being said our curiosity is piqued.  The intro text to the video says: Time travel is one of mankind’s favorite fantasies. But what if it were possible to

What is The Coldest Place In The Universe?

Do you know? Hint:  It might not be as far away as you would think.  Is it in some galaxy billions of light years away?  Or perhaps on the icy surface of a planet far away from our solar system?  This shows how to create pretty much the coldest place in the universe.  Here is

10 BIZARRE Events That Happened Around The World

Do you know about these? This list of 10 reported events remains a mystery.  Back in the day they had shows like That’s Incedible and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and in the internet era, there have been numerous reportings across social media.  Just a warning, some of these may be considered to be gross

What Is This Thing…Seriously?

no one knows HOW this hole got there… It is absolutely enormous and scientists are scratching their heads.  There have been rumors and sightings of strange holes all over the planet.  Many are attributing these to fracking or other fossil fuel drilling activities.: Scientists have launched an investigation into a giant crater that suddenly appeared

The Oldest Message In A Bottle Was Found…

It was sent for an unusual reason… The message was over 100 years old and the sender was kind of clever.  When you think of these types of things one may imagine pirates or someone on a tropical island.  However, in the early 1900s one marine biologist had something else in mind: A postcard placed