BANNED: When is NASA Going to Reveal What is Known About Alien Life?

A veil of secrecy has covered the topic of extraterrestrial life for some time now.  So much so, that the result of one ‘open Q&A’ on the topic resulted in one group “Collective Evolution” being suspended for life.

Good riddance? Or Good Grief?

The question to most researchers into the topic of alien life isn’t if but when.   If you’ve ever delved into the topic, there is no shortage of mystery and questions abound.

So when NASA decides to hold an AMA on Reddit to discuss 7 exoplanets that were recently deemed ‘habitable’, those researchers came crawling out of the woodwork; specifically requesting to know what NASA does or does not know about the existence of alien life.

One question in particular, sparked enough inert rage into the Reddit moderator behind the scenes to permanently suspend the username from Reddit

Here it is:

“Collective Evolution Media asks: When is NASA going to reveal what is known about ET life? Former defence minister of Canada Hon. Paul Hellyer has said there are at least 4 known ET species communicating with humans. He is certainly not the only high ranking whistleblower on this topic. When is NASA going to address this? Thanks!”


To wit, NASA responded with:

So what response did we receive from NASA? Nothing, which was fine, but sure enough, Reddit suspended our account permanently. We did not spam, abuse, nor ask anything more than 1 simple question.


What a load of $%#!

There are arguments about the method in which Collective Evolution garnered support for their question, but the reaction to the question itself, should raise eyebrows – absolutely.

While several theories have popped up since, most notably, the willingness (or directive) to maintain the secret nature of alien life sealed, everyone (aside from NASA) seems to agree that is was simply overkill

Keep your eyes peeled out there! Here’s a video on the topic

source: collective-evolution

Who is Paul Hellyer?

Hellyer: “The American people and the people of the world have the right to know what’s going on, because they are part of it (…) An investigation was launched into this whole subject and a document was prepared which concluded that at least four species have been visiting earth for thousands of years.”

Related Article: Paul Hellyer is one of hundreds of high-rank officials who’ve blown a whistle, or lid on the topic of ET life.





  1. David Lilyquist said:

    never will they say anything about Alain life because a large group of people will go Crazy. Drumpf will never let it out here feels that Plant Earth is the Center of everything and he is the$#%&!@*I believe that there is Alaien life) I have no prof just a thought must say I am a Trixie

  2. Steven Hunter said:

    You can stop worrying about this.
    If there were any secrets about aliens, or looming meteorites, Trump would have broken his thumbs, tweeting about it.

  3. Seth Forbis said:

    lol and they never will, the top banks in this country own the top oil companies in this country AND control the FED! they have ridiculous power over our government and aren’t going to let anything go public that might hurt their profits… if the world knew our government knew how to harness zero point energy they would demand we stop using gas…i doubt the oil companies would want that, since, ya know, they have spent over a century burying every single possible competing technology that pops up…

  4. Dory Domenici Evans said:

    We are the aliens. In movies, aliens are said to move from planet to planet using up all the resources and then moving on. Guess what we are doing? Using up all the resources! We are looking in to life on Mars or other planets in the universe. When will we learn? Never apparently!

  5. JoJo Quinn said:

    Jusy do dmt shrooms dxm
    Wtf r u new to earth? $#%&!@*nasa and there bullshit. Why do u think its called a trip… btw make sure ite a big dose

  6. Jamie D. DeGuise said:

    Apparently, the classified “Air Force Space Command”, whom has dominated the near-Earth region of space (wielding TR-3B’s as a main vehicle) is pretty shocked at the the extent the US Navy (Solar Warden) has industrialized/commercialized more distant regions of space with the comradery of exponentially advanced races. Whether they be breakaways from Earth’s distant past, or from elsewhere.

  7. Badass Scientist said:

    Never, because there isn’t any. There isn’t a vast nasa scientist conspiracy.

    They aren’t paid enough to keep their mouthes shut. If they had any evidence they would be gozillionaires from the enormous media platform, book deals, and live appearance fees, they would be given immediately.

    If you rely on conspiracy instead of evidence you are doing science wrong.

    Just call yourself shocking- conspiracy if this is the kind of content you want to share and audience you want to have.