Have You Ever Experience the Strange Phenomenon of ESP?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Some say it is bogus and others say it might be TRUE…

Have you ever had a feeling the doorbell was going to ring or that your ex was going to call you and bam it happens.

Some or actually a lot of people think this is a phenomena and not just for the “out there” thinkers.

Or did you know what another person was going to say before they spoke and not know why?  We have all wondered if ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is real or fake.  Believe it or not there have actually been scientific studies trying to prove or disprove this phenomenon so rest assured, you are not the only one wondering this.  Here is a really great writeup showcasing two different actual ESP studies.

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  1. Matt J Cole said:

    I always have,and after 20 years of experiencing it to memory, i get better and better and more able to control it.

  2. Ben Netherland said:

    I’m not sure about esp. But I’m extremely intuitive , / perceptiveI call em my “spidey senses ” sometimes . I feel vibes from everyone I encounter. I’m 43 I can remember things as far back as when I was only 1 year old. Often I’ve freaked ppl out by knowing what song will be playing on the radio. When I was younger I worked for the DOT., My partner was scared of me because after I spend extended periods of time with people I can read people like a book, almost like I know what they are thinking the more they try to hide their feelings the easier it is for me to read them. Anyway . I remember when I would pick him up, we would be headed down the road and I would start singing a random song, turn on the radio and bam!! That song would be playing right where I left off. Maybe coincidence, but if it was, it happened at least twice a week for several months.

  3. Ben Netherland said:

    In fact three ppl who posted a response here, have lied. Two have mistaken coincidence for something other than it is. The rest are genuine, two have very special gifts