Even NASA Does Not Know Who Made These Ancient Structures

they can’t say for sure…

These unusual structures were spotted from space.  There have been many famous archaeological mysteries that have been debated in terms of how they were made, from Stonehenge to Egyptian structures and the like.   However no agency or person can really explain THESE:

Back in 2007, a series of huge, mysterious geoglyphs were discovered in the grasslands, or steppes, of Kazakhstan. Formed by human-made mounds, divots, and trenches, the structures create giant images that can be seen from the sky, including shapes that look like crop circles, squares, and swastikas. Archaeologists estimate they were created around 8,000 years ago, but have no idea who built them, or why.

A lot of historials pretty much estimate that fairly advanced civilizations existed thousands of years ago however it is not known how they would make such structures:

Now NASA has taken the first photos of the Steppe Geoglyphs from space, and has admitted that its scientists are no closer to solving the mystery. But they’re going to keep investigating, because the answer could reshape our understanding of early humanity.


Let’s hear what NASA has to say about the search for aliens in the video on page 2

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  1. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    Interior view of electromagnetic rim segments and central rotation field of a UFO. There are many of these structures with varying degrees of segments built by unknown civilisations. Perhaps primary for dwelling but with a odd reference to the interior of a UFO – which they may have seen or heard about.

  2. Scottie Graves said:

    Why didn’t anyone ask about planet nebula? Why didn’t anybody ask about NASA’s mission looking at Portos in earths magnetic Field?

  3. Rick Cook said:

    Why would NASA be the ones expected to figure this out? Because they saw it from space? Is that how science works, you see it, so you figure it out even if it has nothing to do with your science?