Is This “Time Travel Paradox” Actually Possible?

some people say YES…

What does teleportation have to do with a time travel paradox?  Apparently there was an experimental breakthrough in the teleportation area.  Can we really call this an area?  It is mostly theoretical up til now but this is a promising first step that may blow you away.

On the Star Trek Enterprise they did this.  And now these scientists have successfully tested the first steps:

They used a special form of laser beams in the experiment. “As can be done with the physical states of elementary particles, the properties of light beams can also be entangled,” explains Dr Marco Ornigotti, a member of Prof. Szameit’s team. For physicists, “entanglement” means a sort of codification. “You link the information you would like to transmit to a particular property of the light,” clarifies Ornigotti who led the experiments for the study that was now presented.

In their particular case, the physicists have encoded some information in a particular polarisation direction of the laser light and have transmitted this information to the shape of the laser beam using teleportation.

That is absolutely mind boggling.  The key is they said they lost no time in the process which basically defines quantum entanglement vs. shining a light and waiting for the signal or information to reach the destination.

Let’s check out a video of “teleportation” as well as a time travel paradox on page 2

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