NASA Was Asked What Happens if we Find Aliens and They Said…

is their answer surprising?

NASA was asked what if we find aliens and their reply surprised a lot of people.  In an interview NASA was questioned on many different subjects, including the controversial and out there topic of a warp drive.  The one discussion that piqued our interest was about extraterrestrials. Often we hear discussions of this topic and think that is for those on the fringe.

Between the spotting of many exoplanets and the relaunch of the SETI program this discussion has gotten a lot of press lately.

This is what they had to say on the matter:

Has NASA got any guidelines if they were to encounter aliens in space? (Michael Wittemore)

That’s a good question. I don’t know, but I will try to find out and get word to somebody. We probably don’t have guidelines because we don’t realistically think we’re going to encounter somebody like you or me.

Their answer in regards to microorganisms believe it or not was the most surprising.

Let’s find out what they think we should do in the video on page 2

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  1. Patrick McKenna said:

    The government has a plan for zombies. I doubt NASA does’t have a plan for e.t.’s. If they addmitted it, the preppers and theorists would of had a field day.

  2. Seth Forbis said:

    lol as they hadn’t been covering up encounters since the 50’s….who in their right mind trusts anything the government says these days?

  3. Karl Rogers said:

    Non-contamination of Mars has been NASA’s policy since they started Mars exploration. Given that the probes and robots don’t come back, they don’t need to worry about them being contaminated.

  4. Paul McMexican said:

    speed equals time… traveling at speed light…. time goes 500 times faster….it takes 500 years to travel one light year…aliens traveling should know this… travel 5 light years it’s 25 generations of 100 years each…to me is impossible for aliens to travel.

  5. Matt Pickel said:

    Sorry but if they have no Official Guidelines for dealing with extraterrestrial life, then why does the UN have a secretary for dealing with extraterrestrial involvement with mankind?

  6. Sunny Hise said:

    They better hope the Co-Pilot doesn’t have Roman Nail Scar’s in his hands & feet.! And if He does, Ya might just consider kneeling to the Pilot.!