Rumors of a Time Travel Tunnel ALLEGEDLY Discovered in China

Some of the commenters have some interesting input.

Commenter Marshall had this to say:

..even if China has multiple timezones, what does that have to do with changing the time on a clock? Clocks are automatic mechanical machines that won’t be affected by timezones. That’s why you sync your clock when you visit a place or country with a different timezone.

Spacewater had this to say:

True with watches and most ordinary clocks but NOT true with cellular phones. Almost all mobile phones come from the factory set to automatically synchronize their time to the mobile phone towers time. The same is true for computers as well, most of them automatically set their time to the national time pool. Thus if the time is set wrong on the tower the phone will automatically update its time to the wrong time, and then update itself to the correct time when it switches to a tower where the time is set correctly.

We hope you enjoyed the video and we will keep watching for more on this Chinese location.


  1. Jon DeSeve said:

    It’s a issue with the mobile service provider, still just a tunnel. At 400 meters my bet is a DAS feeds the tunnel and has the wrong network time. Maybe it’s done on purpose, that would explain it happening 80% of the time. The 20% it does not have time anomalie is most likely the phone not using the network time.