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Top 5 Time Travel Stories That Are Hard to Believe

are any of these POSSIBLE? Time Travel is a widely debated topic with theories from scientists as well as those into the “paranormal”. Einstein has posed certain theories about gravity and wormholes warping space time. And we have found an interesting video sharing 5 reported stories where time travel supposidely occurred. We obviously are not

What Is The Smallest “Thing” In The Universe?

it is waaaaay smaller than an atom Hint: It is named after someone’s last name.20 Many videos cover the largest distances that we can even imagine measured in light years! However this one examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length. What is Planck Length? Is this just a subatomic particle,

Can Anything Go Faster Than the Speed of Light?

any opinion? This is a really interesting scientific debate that examines the speed of light and possibilities of traveling faster.  There have been some far out explanations about black holes that can warp light and the like but perhaps is that faster or slower than light itself?  And recently there have been discussions about “tachyons”

Have You Heard of the Zipf Mystery?

This mystery comes from “Zipf’s Law” which is not often discussed.  It is considered an empirical law involving mathematical statistics and that many data points in social scenarios can be measuered or approximated using this distribution method.  A bit complex for non math professionals but fascinating none the less.  The video has a lot of

Can You Actually Count Past Infinity?

this dude trips you out… The concept of infinity has been debated since ancient Greece and now they may have a new perspective.  The adventurous “VSauce” poses this debate from a new vantage point.  So how could this actually happen has he really discovered the impossible?  Even in calculus no matter what the teachers say

Could Headlights Actually Work at the Speed of Light?

have an opinion? AT 186,000 miles per second things can get strange. The ever adventurous YouTuber who is known as “VSauce” often asks some unusual questions and then engages in a scientific fact finding mission. In this case he wants to know would your car headlights work if the car was traveling at the same speed

Can You Solve the “Birthday Paradox”?

this may surprise you… Not a lot of people can get their mind around this at first glance.  So what is this paradox anyway?  We have seen some cool ones like the double – slit experiment which can sort of be described as such.  There are also some other viral ones making their way around

350 Year Old Question About Time Has Been Answered

finally… A seemingly basic scientific question has stumped scientists for over three centuries…until now.  A very strange phenomenon that happens when more than one pendulum clocks are in the same vicinity is the mystery.  You would not intuitively think was very difficult to figure out. There is a new study in the journal Scientific Reports

They Haven’t Solved the Mystery of the NAZCA Lines

Who ar WHAT made these things?? In a desert in Peru remains one of the strangest archaeological finds EVER.  Have you heard of this phenomenon?  Many think they were made by the indigenous people in the area although many disagree.  Some think they were made by unknown civilizations.  Here is a bit of information on

Could There be a Simultaneous Reality Happening RIGHT NOW?

is this possible? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Some “out there” folks and even scientists think this might be.  This is an extremely interesting and thought provoking topic.  Here is a fascinating video exploring our reality and potentially an alternate reality.   There are even serious discussions about 11 dimensions. Here is an intro into this fascinating video.  And