This Guy Tried to Decode a Crop Circle..Is He Right?

is he crazy or crazy smart?

This guy has a really interesting theory about crop circles.  He also claims to have had contact personally with many alien life forms in the last few years.  I am not one to judge, anything is possible.  There have been certain crop circles that have been poorly formed and proven to be bogus.  What is particularly fascinating is his claim that the real ones are actually made using electro magnetic technology, and that the energy from the fields can be detected and proven.

Just a note many people have debated another different type of crop circle called the “arecibo reply”.  It is a supposide reply to the arecibo message.

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  1. Noah Gonzales said:

    It sounds cool but it’s like DNA.
    If some one said test my DNA, and they found Irish German and an unknown strand of DNA, we can’t test it because we don’t have any other samples.

    In crop fields, we can’t say it’s smart or stupid because we haven’t tried enough or at all to say “this is a message.”

  2. Mike Guay said:

    Joseph Jacobs
    Can’t be mechanically harvested when flat.

    I know how they’re faked… I mean made. Lol

  3. Stan Sagan said:

    On National Geographic TV one day they first had, “The secret behind crop circles.” Then they showed, “How crop circles were faked-.-;;;;;;;;;”

  4. Daniel Mccallister said:

    Ok, yes this design be described as a mathematical equation and no self respecting alien would plod out a pattern in a field! Now a decent full back tattoo….yes!

  5. James R. Pitt said:

    The only thing most crop circles have in common are fractals. Even fake can give you information on how and why they we’re made. No who though…

  6. Lucas Bostic said:

    there are some amazing artist on thus planet, but the complexity and sacred geometry in some of these really do make it hard to believe they are made by humans.
    of coarse that could be part of the art for the creator of these things. I really wish I knew. it’s almost like seeing an amazing magic trick