10 Mysteries of People and Their Minds That Remain Unexplained

Do you agree with this list?

This list of human reactions and biological phenomena happen everyday.  However, despite their frequent occurance, scientists (and all the other people too) still do not know how they came to be.  You have almost certainly either heard of or experienced a few of the things on this list.  Here are some examples from these 10 phenomena:

Deja Vu. Ever get that feeling that you’ve been here before? Or remember something happening to you as it actually happens? Like a glitch in the Matrix, it’s as if you saw this scene of your life in a preview, and already knew what was going to happen.

Sleep. In 600 million years of evolution, most animal life on Earth has spent about a third of that time in a completely defenceless state, unaware of their immediate surroundings, not searching for food, or building shelters, or anything else to ensure survival.

There are some pretty cool theories that may explain some of these although there is still debate.

Let’s see what 10 characteristics made this list in the video on page 2

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