A Drone Was Flown Over The Nubian Pyramids They Saw THIS

not many have seen a glimpse from that angle…

When archaeologists examined these majestic structures they were baffled. Sudan which is directly south of Egypt in North Africa is the home to pyramids which are thousands of years old also. Archaeologists and the news ften call attention to those mainly in North Africa.   But with drone technology there is new amazing footage of these archaeological structures and more mysteries to be uncovered.

Armed with a remotely operated mini­-helicopter, National Geographic engineer Alan Turchik gets a bird’s­-eye view of 3,000-­year-­old royal burial chambers. The unique perspective is helping to unravel ancient Nubian mysteries.

The narrator and drone operator in the video does a good job of capturing the footage and explaining a bit about the local environment and carvings.

Let’s check out a glimpse of these ancient structures in the video on page 2

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