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Volcano Shaped Pyramid?!

Volcano Shaped Pyramid?!

That’s right, there is a pyramid shaped like a volcano in Peru! Originally, it was though to be a man made mound in the 1960s but until that’s all they thought the mound was. Robert Benfer , professor emeritus at the University of Missouri who focuses on biological anthropology, and his team decided it was long

Eighth Wonder found?

So, I assume you know about the seven wonders of the world, right? Well, what if I told you there were 8? That’s right, there are 8 wonders of the world! Or rather, there might be. In 1186 there was an eruption in New Zealand, the eruption of Mount Tarawera. When Tarawera erupted it supposedly covered

Top 20 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Remain a Mystery

This list discusses 20 really unusual ancient artifacts from all over planet earth.  There is speculation that ancient civilizations with interaction with aliens may have had something do with some or all of these.  I am neutral on this one but if nothing else, this list is extremely interesting no matter what side you are

Who Built the Ancient “Ajanta Caves”?

they STILL don’t know… These unusual caves in a region of India have BAFFLED archaeologists. Archaeology is a fascinating filed of intense study and patience.  And the Indiana Jones series of movies that started in the 1980s definitely popularized the field for many.  Even in Part 2 The Temple Of Doom they examined some Indian

Heard of the Ancient Mysteries Of The Rosetta Stone?

it may be THE most mysterious artifact ever… The Rosetta Stone remains one of archaeology’s biggest mysteries and it is not often discussed.  The translation of it has baffled many for centuries.  It was also a greatly contested object between different countries, and some of that is still taking place! Here is what one commenter

10 Mysteries of Archaeology That Remain Unexplained

heard of THESE? Apparently archaeologists are STILL baffled by this mysterious list. This is a cool video that covers 10 ancient archaeological mysteries from around the world.  The one on the list which has to be the most debated one is that of the pyramids.  Most archaeologists don’t necessarily agree anymore this the ramp and pully

The Mystery of That Famous Ancient Greek Device is Solved?

finally? This 1000s of years old strange device has finally been understood.  There have been all kinds of speculation about the “Antikythera Mechanism”.  There have been rumors that is was some kind of ancient computer to even an alien device of some sort.  Now, archaeologists have made a breakthrough: Archaeologists long suspected that the device

Who Built These “150,000 Year Old Pipes” in China?

any guesses? These “pipes” in the Qunghai Provence of China remain a mystery to this day.  Many think of Egypt, South America and parts of Europe when it comes to archaeology.  However, there are some awesome finds in China.  This particular discovery is particularly unusual.  Here is an excerpt from one researcher in regards to

How Were The Ollantaytambo Structures In Peru Built?

they STILL don’t know .. A quadcopter took a video which was previously impossible until now. It shows an incredible perspective on this Incan mystery.  The types of structures shown here seem almost impossible to have been built with the tools that would be available at that time period: Ollantaytambo is one of the largest ancient

1,200 BC Ancient Scroll Has Information About a Mysterious Star

ancient artifacts never cease to AMAZE… This is the first historical document about astronomy ever found potentially.  A lot of ancient civilizations had some sort of history to track the seasons.  It was for farming and survival as much as it was if not way more than for curiosity.  The most famous astronomers of the past

A Mysterious Artifact Was Discovered In Turkey

Archaeological studies never cease to amaze and they just found a never before discovered mosaic floor from 1,500 years ago.  It is hard to believe that this type of precision could be constructed with the tools and technology available at the time,: “The ancient city of Doliche (near modern-day Dülük), which was part of the

A Drone Was Flown Over The Nubian Pyramids They Saw THIS

not many have seen a glimpse from that angle… When archaeologists examined these majestic structures they were baffled. Sudan which is directly south of Egypt in North Africa is the home to pyramids which are thousands of years old also. Archaeologists and the news ften call attention to those mainly in North Africa.   But

8,000 Year Old Hand Prints Are NOT From Humans…

who or what did these? Scienctists have been BAFFLED by this discovery in an Egyptian cave.  This area of the planet is always full of surprises..  From the pyramid at Giza, to the Nubian pyramids to the Sphinx, there are mysteries and incredible structures throughout the country.  Now you can add another bizarre fact to the

What Happened 12,000 Years Ago That Changed Things Forever?

What happened 12,000 years ago that changed things forever? There is a strange archaeological discovery that is hotly debated. Archaeologists still cannot explain how this site was built or by whom: Mysterious ancient aliens, extraterrestrials, or was it man that started civilization? Gobekli Tepe was created 12,000 years ago…out of nowhere. It seems like something

How Did These Huge Blocks of Stone…

they STILL do not know for sure In Baalbek, Lebanon there are some big blocks of stone. Absolutely enormous. Who or what made these? The narrator mentions that many archaeologists think the Romans were responsible. However, he points out that he thinks the Romans built on top of these stones, but lacked the technology to