Another Planet Capable Of Hosting Life Is 14 Light Years Away

Although 14 light years is a pretty far distance, by cosmic standards it is relatively close.  What do you think they will find on some of the closer exoplanets?  What techniques would you use in a revisit of existing ones?  Something similar to S.E.T.I. or possibly another technique?

Note: The simulation is running at approximately 1 day/second

A lot of people are talking about a related find as well as kepler 452-b which may be the most discussed exoplanet.  Maybe more than one of them will yield some interesting data!

Check back for updates as they get more information on this one!

And we hope you like the simulation it’s very cool.

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  1. Bill Myers said:

    It’s the first steps to discovering life in other galaxies!! Hopefully technology will give us a break through so we can travel great distances fast.

  2. Frank Banales said:

    Not even close to discovering life in other galaxies. It’s only 14 light years away. The Milky Way Galaxy stretches 100,000 light years across.

  3. Bill Myers said:

    Frank Banales Just the first step! Lots of technology to follow in the next few centuries. I understand the distance and know about light years a the speed of light.

  4. Jonny Costa said:

    so say the planet is ripe for human habitation and devoid of intelligent or hostile life….then say we can travel there…14 years at the speed of light….okay we are just going to assume for sake of argument yeah sure…who do you think would go to this new paradise rich with resources and real estate…the filthy rich…taking the latest tech and clean energy and their interest in bankrolling any such industry with them. Leaving us with the charred withered husk of a world they plundered and polluted to get rich.

  5. Alek Pinke said:

    They’d (your presumed rich) would need workers, miners, cunstructors, farmers, scientists, engineers ect. That’s a severe level of outnumbered. They woukd stay here fircing others to form colonies for recourse gathering.
    Your high horse is wooden.

  6. Jonny Costa said:

    thats preduming they didnt take prefabs a a preselected collection of individuals, individuals chisen for select genetic qualities

  7. Christ Howard said:

    I’ve been there! It smells bad, horrible scenery, people there really not on the beautiful side of tracks, and the food is terrible! Oh, wait….. That was Arkansas, my bad