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Most Extreme Planets Ever Discovered

There are millions of planets in space, but there are a few that really stand out. Today we will be going over 7 of the most extreme planets ever. 1. The most recent of these planets is the hottest planet so far! This planet has a surface temperature greater than some stars! Can you believe

Our Star May Have A Twin

So, what if our star had a twin? where would it be now, and what do we know about it? Well, according to a new model on the forming of stars. Almost all stars are formed with a litter of at least one sibling. So where exactly is this twin? For sometime now astronomers have wondered

The Oldest Planet in Our Solar System

Have you ever just stopped and thought about which planet was the oldest in our solar system? No? Same here, I’ve never thought about that. Clearly someone did though, because we have an answer to that question. For awhile we didn’t have an answer to that question but recently an international team of scientists from the

Humans Create Accidental Protective Barrier Around Earth

Scientist have found a way to mess with the space around Earth, Known as VLF, very low frequency radio communications. Normally, VLF is used as a way to communicate to submersed submarines. Recently though, scientists found that VLF can be used to change the surrounding space of Earth. Phil Erickson, the assistant director at the MIT

3D Printing on a MUCH Larger Scale

3D printing is a new and exciting branch of technology, and it’s heading to space on a much larger scale! Sure there’s a 3D printer on the International Space Station (ISS), but the Archinaut is supposed to be the next big leap in the final frontier. The real difference maker for this technology is in

Astronomers Spotted Mysterious “Zebra Stripes” That…

what are THESE? MIT scientists have spotted more space strangeness that is sure to pique your curiosity.  And there is some history that began a few decades ago in regards to this strange discovery. This is a background about these space phenomena: Since the early 1970s, orbiting satellites have picked up on noise-like plasma waves very close

Gas Giants May Have a Different Origin Than Astronomers Thought

this surprised a lot of people… Apparently they have some new modeling in regards to how gas giants have formed.  And this new data was only made available very recently: Researchers say it’s possible the solar system’s biggest planets, the mighty gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, started slowly from the most humble of ingredients: tiny

At 4.37 Light Years Away It Is THE Closest Exoplanet Ever Found

This could have MAJOR implications… The closest star to us is Alpha Centauri and now astronomers have found an exoplanet orbiting this star system.  Apparently it is a triple star system which you may or may not have known.  The exoplanet is  named Alpha Centauri Bb which seems appropriate.  With an extremely low solar mass and

A Possible Spotting Of “Planet” X – Latest Update

is it really out there? Astronomers have spotted potentially a mysterious new planet at the edge of the solar system and there is something new. Rumors of a mysterious large planet at the edge of the solar system have persisted for hundreds of years.  And now they MAY have found something. Two scientists noticed a

70,000 Years Ago a Shooting Star Passed By At Very Close Range

they rarely discuss this… What is crazier the fact that his happened or that they figured it out?  It is mind boggling what astrophysicists can figure out with math.  Apparently we had a cosmic close call not that long ago.  I guess by cosmic standards 70,000 years is a very short period of time 😉

Mysterious “Alien Message” Revisited 41 Years Later

no one knows what this was… If this strange message is real it was possibly from galaxy Messier 13.  The S.E.T.I. program received a strange message many decades ago.  Although there has been much debate, no one can prove the origins.  It is very controversial with many people saying it was a hoax or a misread.

What Are The Chances of Finding Alien Civilizations Soon?

The “Drake Equation” has just changed.. The search for alien life continues strong in 2015 and is not a topic reserved for those on the fringe.  Scientists at MIT and Cornell are weighing in on things.  The advent of exoplanets being detectable is making some news: The Drake equation describes “N”: the number of civilizations in

Top 10 Strangest Planets Astronomers Have Ever Found

know about these? Some of these planets are bizarre and not often talked about.  Many of us can name the planets in our solar system and the most unusual one might be Saturn in that it has very noticeable rings around it that seem to be held in place by gravity.  There are a lot

Top 5 Mysteries Of Our Solar System That Baffle Astronomers

these are STILL unsolved Most people do not know these absolutely bizarre space facts. When it comes to space and astronomy we are often thinking of formations far away like quasars, neutron stars and even exoplanets.  We study these mysteries and have scientific debates and often forget how many things remain unsolved in our very own

NASA Does a Close Flyby Of Enceladus and Finds…

this surprised astronomers… One of the most unusual spottings in astronomy in the last century is within our very own solar system. The moon Enceladus has been considered extremely unusual for a long time with some of the prior pics coming from 2004.  Now, things have gotten even stranger: If you thought Saturn’s moon Enceladus