Can Vortex Mathematics Lead to Free Energy

Is there something to this?

One or the more controversial topics making its way around the internet is that of vortex based math.  Some people say it is loosely pieced together and nonsense, others think it is groundbreaking.  Here is an excerpt from an author who dives in a bit:

Can Vortex Mathematics Lead to Free Energy, or is It Just More Fluff?

I came across the following post in an occult group on Facebook:  “Only God could have created a 9 number system that can encompass infinity with a zero as the emanation [Chaos].”  Just the kind of quirky and weird statement I just can’t pass up.  “I’ll bite,” I commented.

For me, understanding math is like trying to walk up a grassy hill in the rain with flip flops that are two sizes too large. That being said, I’ll pass on what I do understand.

The “symbol of enlightenment” can be used to model every mathematical function, including multiplication, division, reciprocals, powers of ten, etc.  I don’t have the space here (or the inclination) to go through all of them, but I can quickly give an example:  Starting at the number one, follow the line on the symbol to two.  Here, we have doubling, an instance of multiplication.  Now, follow the line to the four, which is two doubled.  Now follow the line to eight, or four doubled.  Doubling eight, we get sixteen.  Taking the two digits of sixteen and adding them (1+6) we get seven, the next number in line.  Double sixteen, we get (32=3+2) five.  Double thirty-two, we get (64=6+4) one.  Dig?

That may be an earful so let’s check out a video on page 2 about this subject

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  1. Nicholas Faupel said:

    The simplest path to free energy is leverage. We’ve been using pulleys and levers for ages. You input x energy and get output 10x energy. What’s so complicated to believe we can’t come up with something..

  2. Mike Guerrein said:

    What sort of proof can you provide that the Egyptians had anything even remotely like this, or any other sort of advance technology for that matter…?

  3. Adam Waller said:

    Well, I can’t give you Egyptian tech, but what I CAN do is point you to historical fact. Research Otis T. Carr. Somewhat of a protege to Nikola. Anti- gravity was partly achieved at an amazing 89%. The U.S govt. seized his assets claiming his discovery would “cripple the international monetary trade”

  4. Adam Waller said:

    It’s ok to doubt, Mike. It’s not okay to take an immediate stance against something and ask for proof that you know isn’t there, while forgetting that you also have no proof to the contrary.

  5. Mike Guerrein said:

    I don’t need to prove anything whatsoever. I’m not the one making claims. The burden of proof is on the one making the claims. That being said, there is indeed large amounts of proof that ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians, used fairly simple (albeit quite innovative) techniques to accomplish some very impressive things. You see, all of this speculation about ancient high-tech, ancient aliens, etc. is just that, speculation; it has never made it beyond the hypothesis stage. Where as the speculations about the ancient humans using simple, yet innovative, technology; is a full blown theory. There is evidence to support it, it can be reproduced experimentally, and has yet to be proven wrong. It’s the difference between pseudoscience and actual science…

  6. Jared Bock said:

    Even if it does unlock free energy, the petroleum industry will buy all of the patents and lock it away in a safe somewhere. There are countless alternatives to petroleum that we are completely unaware of.

  7. Mitchell Matthews said:

    All golden artifacts that turned out to be finely gold PLATED, which requires ELECTRICITY. The Wardenclyff of Tesla’s closely resembles the inner workings of the Great pyramid, using aquifers to ground them both. The “ankh” was a receiver for telecommunications and there are many hieroglyphs that show antennas.

  8. Mike Guerrein said:

    Mitchell Matthews “ELECTRICITY” as you put it was easily achieved the same way then as we do now, with chemical batteries. It’s a very simple process to electroplate with gold and the technology has been around for literally thousands of years. You bring up “the inner workings of the Great pyramid” which have been shown, in a working model, to exists as a clever set of steps and pathways with the sole purpose of getting the cap stone up to the top of the pyramid. “The “ankh” was a receiver for telecommunications” is pure speculation without supporting evidence. In fact, it’s actually the hieroglyphic symbol for “life”. ” there are many hieroglyphs that show antennas.” No there aren’t… There are hieroglyphics that have things that may resemble antennas, but there is literally zero evidence to say that is what we are looking at. It’s called pareidolia, and it’s the same reason you see shapes in the clouds, or Jesus on a piece of toast…

  9. John Gadient said:

    Free energy is completely impossible in a capitalist society. It costs money just to talk about it. There cannot be free energy. It’s silly to try.

  10. John Gadient said:

    Tesla did not produce free energy. His experiment failed and he realized that jacking up the planet with electricity could destroy the whole planet. Tesla did not create free energy. That part of tesla makes no sense. He goes from science to politics in one breath. Strange.