Guy Discusses “Vortex Based Mathematics” and Makes a Bold Statement

this is FAR OUT and fascinating…

Could he be right about these math theories?  This stuff may be considered a bit “out there” and the narrator in the video claims to really have discovered some underlying math principals that could eventually lead to some advanced technological progress.  Here is a brief intro and description of the video:

Vortex Based Mathematics, THE SOURCE of the non decaying spin of the electron. Harnessing the energy of the universe and mapping it in three dimensional space.

“If you only KNEW the MAGNIFICENCE of the 3, 6, and 9, you would hold a key to the universe….” – Nikola Tesla….. WELL NOW WE HOLD THAT KEY!!

The 3, 6, and 9 mention is from Nikola Tesla.

Is this crazy or crazy smart?

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  1. John Roberts said:

    . It is confirmed numerically that an optical toroidal dipolar moment dominates over other moments. This response is characterized by a strong confinement of an E-field component at the toroid center, oriented perpendicular to the H-vortex plane. The resonance-enhanced optical toroidal response can provide an experimental avenue for various interesting optical phenomena associated with the elusive toroidal moment.

  2. Joel Ferguson said:

    Please excuse my limited understanding, from what I gather creating a counter vortex within an active vortex cancels out where the two vortex interact creating a frequency enhancing radio telescopes, similar to the experimental telescope in Howard the Duck?