How Could Teleportation ACTUALLY Work?

is science fiction becoming science reality?

A recent experiment all but proved the concept.  You may or may not have heard about this as the internet has been going nuts.  And of course Star Trek fans remember di lithium crystals which are impossible in terms of our chemistry knowledge and other cool things like teleportation.   In this video a very fascinating mechanical engineer examines the concept in depth:

The idea that something—or someone?—can be dematerialized in one place and then reconstituted somewhere else is something straight out of Star Trek. But is teleportation a real thing, too? Chalking it up to “quantum funkiness,” mechanical engineer Seth Lloyd explains how and why it works.

What do you think is this absolutely impossible and bogus or is there something to this?

let’s find out how it could happen in the video on page 2

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  1. Ryan Steele said:

    The public may need more computer power but the military industrial complex is at the least 50 years ahead so they probably already have it.

  2. Steven Henson said:

    Teleportation would be more like a telegraph, but a wormhole teleport gate you would need to rip a stable hole in space and time at each end. That can be done

  3. Sherman W Braithwaite said:

    Is it that you need a huge wire hollowed and shaped like a cylinder? Or is it the one where an entire living organism is broken up into tiny little chunks, all pieces alive contained in nano machines, and all the nano machine pieces are beamed up to a different location? Otherwise, I don’t believe in teleportation.