Plasma Tubes Above Earth Have Been Discovered…Seriously?

now THAT is weird…

An Australian student has discovered and confirmed giant plasma tubes above Earth?!  Ok now what does that mean exactly aside from sounding awesome?  Here is a bit more on the discovery:

She managed to do something no other astronomer had before – find evidence for the hypothesised plasma tubes high above Earth’s surface, specifically 370 miles (600km) up.

A new array of radio antennas in California, called the Owens Valley Long Wavelength Array, is aiming to watch the universe’s radio waves pulsing across the sky.

Who would have thought this is possible?  I mean we see clouds and some astronomy fans are aware of the magnetic field that surrounds the planet as well but this is really far out!

Let’s find out how they proved this theory as a fact on page 2

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  1. CA Tanner said:

    What the$#%&!@*happens to you all to get you to this place of total nonsense? Is it drugs? Like lots of them? Did you get your heart broken and never heal right? Seriously, how the$#%&!@*does the human brain get to this point of total fuckery.

  2. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    Disclosure of UFOs and alien species is imminent. But Earth has enough problems to keep her from the full potentials of this discovery for the next 200 years – when star-gates would be a common mode of transportation – just like the ancients do thousand of years ago. No change is without chaos. There will be wars – nuclear wars. Few survivors. What comes after the wars will be peace – unification of species and a new beginning. Advanced technologies will be a norm. Humans will reached for the heaven (Space).

  3. Alvin Mong said:

    As plasma are the core’s of atoms and thus positively charged wouldn’t they be attracted to the Van Allen belts? Or just directly along the earth’s magnetic field lines rather then forming some new imaginary magnetic fields?