The Speed of Light Will This Travel Faster?

Of course with any great scientific debate the comments can be very spirited, often with interesting commentary.

Commenter RF says:

We’re only at the tip of the iceberg of scientific endeavour. Try explaining to an average man 1000 years ago how a modern fighter jet works, how every little piece works together, who created it and how every piece is manufactured,  the scientific theory behind all these components and the whole manufacturing process. Now how can anybody sit here and sum up ‘We’ll never go faster than the speed of light, it’s 2015 & we know everything’…

I would have to agree with putting things into chronological perspective in regards to this debate.  There were a lot of commenters who suggested it is irrational and even stupid to think anything could travel faster than light.

What do you think?  Feel free to post any interesting commentary and we hope you like the video.


  1. Eric Myers said:

    Explain the expansion theory. It totally violates the light speed barrier by 10000times. And like David said above gravity propagates faster then light also. I think there’s a couple of good questions here.
    And all the calculations are based on inertia of m$#%&!@*. The hadron collider shows not all particles have m$#%&!@*. There is a loophole using subspace. Hence the theory of warping space and collapsing space in front of you and expanding it behind you. You don’t move through space, space moves around you.

  2. Dallas Robert Kirk said:

    It is widely regarded as fact that light is the cosmic speed limit. However I agree with this perspective. It was only within the last 100 years that Newtons theory that space was only a stage on which matter performed was considered fact, until Einstein proved that space, and time, did in fact interact with matter and that they affect one another. I feel we should accept the possibility that the speed of light can be broken, it would be irresponsible to dismiss it and investigate no further.

  3. Hanch Chuck said:

    There was already an experiment done where they sent a light photon through some kind of gl$#%&!@* looking wizard object and it accelerated the photon faster than light. So fast in fact that the computer had trouble interpreting the data as the photon hit the receiver technically before it was sent out.

  4. Zach Drenkhahn said:

    Correction here: a black hole is not “faster” persay. The reason light cant escape a black hole is its event horizon. The event horizon moves both inward and outward at the speed of light. This means light cannot beat the speed of the outward effect of the horizon, thus cannot escape. Not dissing ya, just saying its not a perspective of gracity having a “speed”. Its componets of the hole itself moving, not gravity.

  5. Zach Drenkhahn said:

    Sigh…your talking about quantom physics here. The particle didn’t accelerate faster, it merely interacted with itself at a point it should not have been able to. It literally existed in all quantom states at a single moment. However, it can not be observed because the particle collapses into a single state upon observation.

  6. Eric Myers said:

    So , once we have a better grasp of dark energy and matter we can start to apply them in physics models. Cool. Now I know that antimatter has been collected. But no dark matter has been observed, I believe it’s still theoretical

  7. Joey Jordan said:

    Hmm are we talking about the galaxy traveling at the speed of light? And that means that what ever direction it travels the light travelling is going 2X the speed of light?

  8. Steve Smith said:

    I think darkness is a constant. It’s always there even in the presence of light. And the “speed” at which it arrives or goes is based on the speed of the light that occupies it.
    Just like cold is a constant, it doesn’t exist. Cold is just the absence of heat.

  9. Robvelle Indecisivefemaleslie Mcdonald said:

    Because its a wave and particle we become something like light ..the many forms of vibration and because distance between stars is irrelevant because time/gravity and we don’t really travel as wave but a particle … Basically teleportation

  10. Steve Smith said:

    Maybe…but I tend to think dark is a constant and light is something you add to it. Just like cold. Cold is a constant that varies depending on how much heat is added or taken away.

    But my original point is…if the speed of light is generally accepted as the top speed in the universe and we know this because we can see light. Of something else existed that was faster and not visible…how would we know?

  11. Robert James Daly said:

    Light dark is a matter of the universe of figment energy reverse of the Universes Big Bang ending to start all over makes time forwarding causing backwards forward expanding of our Universe made of a liquid matter of time and backwards expansion by Robert James Daly

  12. Jason Wilhelm said:

    Speed of light is only relativity. In other words time is only a measurement if u where ridding a lightning bolt and u where running in the same direction as the lightning bolt. r u faster then light?

  13. Erik Olson said:

    Not quite sure why it’s so hard for some to grasp the concept that light speed travel is not the fastest, just because we haven’t found anything else until possibly now, must be our vanity of thinking that we are capable of understanding the absolute limits in our surroundings.