To This Day No One Can Get Their Mind Around It..


The science of endless time is debated yet this guy thinks he figured it out.  In a fascinating video, they examine this notion.  There are opinions from all perspectives on this one.

The one philosopher near the start of the video states infinity is an illusion just like the speed of light once was. Does this even make sense?

There are people on both sides of the debate here, and this is a strong opposing view that has lasted for centuries.  Well here is a fascinating video covering this controversial topic:

“The infinite! No other question has ever moved so profoundly the spirit of man,” said David Hilbert, one of the most influential mathematicians of the 19th century. A subject extensively studied by philosophers, mathematicians, and more recently, physicists and cosmologists, infinity still stands as an enigma of the intellectual world. Thinkers clash over questions such as: Does infinity exist? Can it be found in the physical world? What types of infinity are there? Through an interdisciplinary discussion with some of the world’s leading thinkers, this program will delve into the many facets of infinity and address some of the deepest questions and controversies that mention of the infinite continues to inspire.

Let’s find out what these philosophers and scientists have to say about infinity in the video on page 2

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  1. Ramon Lozano said:

    Timothy Hadley you do know they also been able to create life in the lab right? They recreated the basic building blocks of life…..does that prove intelligent design in your mind? Just because you can cause a Big Bang does not mean that’s what caused life etc…all it means is you CAN create a Big Bang……

  2. Julio Diez said:

    If you got on an infinity train and traveled, would you be stuck on that train for infinity or would you be able to step off when you got bored?

  3. Mike Diaz said:

    In math when we approach the limit of infinity, we are actually expressing a “wavy” possibility space, inifity is where the equation breaks down. Just like the author expressed inifity is quantified outside the limit of its quantified possibilities.

  4. Rodney Thompson said:

    Time was made for man, simply because we have a limited amount of it to spend live.outside of the Earth there really is no reason for time. But for man time speed and distance has meaning.

  5. Bruce Andrews said:

    I’ve been saying this for decades now. No human can truly know infinity. Ever. Nor can we even begin to picture it.

  6. Ray Nelson said:

    If I can divide 1 by 0 then I can prove 2 = 1. Around and around and around we go, when time stops? No body knows.

  7. Brennan Pitre said:

    Infinity is a concept not a number. Infinity just refers to a constant growth. Many things are infinite until they are finite. Like our universe we can speculate on how long it will last but we do not know so until we do it is infinite.

  8. Robert J Savka said:

    I think time is a bit more than our minds imagination or the rotation of masses.its my own assumptions it has to to with time as a fabric of space inwhich the universes space its self is the substance that is in constant flow that passes through everything.the speed of light is the allusion scientist’s falsely measure can see the affects of time flowing through all matter as the cause of entropy at all four forces of the universe.entropy is heat by friction which is observed in all forces.take a current going through any object it cause heat from miss alligned freeze object at absolute zero in order to stop the flow from misalligning those atoms and u find 0 heat produced from a current in all matter including lead becomes a superconductor.

  9. Jordan Cairnes said:

    If space-time is an infinitely large expanse, would mass and gravity, being the “opposite side” of space-time, be infinitely “negative”?. It seems like it would balance out space-time.
    If that where the case could the two infinites somehow loop together? Maybe the infinity phenomena is exactly that, two essentially opposite forces balanced, that when balanced, behaves in a sort of perpetual flow with the whole picture.. Maybe so balanced that there would be 0 energy loss.

  10. Jason Steve Velasquez said:

    Tine is how long it takes for us to go around the sun. How hard is that to fathom? Time differs depending on where you are in the universe. Why is that so hard to understand? Time exists because if it didn’t there wouldn’t be a past present or future. Stop trying to make$#%&!@*impossible.

  11. Roy Howson said:

    Interestingly, the end of the universe does not necessarily forbid infinity & in fact may assure its existence.
    A current model for such end would have entropy continue as everything accelerates further and further away from everything else until it is all torn apart & at last individual atoms are themselves so vastly far apart such there is “virtually nothing.” It would seem that “becoming non-existent” would continue to infinity.

  12. Burnie Berrey said:

    Spot on Jimmy Wright. I sit is disbelief when I watch a program pertaining to the Big Bang and a scientist says that time and space all emerged from a single point. I ascribe to the Big Bang theory. Whether it’s the origin of the known visible matter or not, the universe/space has always existed and always will. Our current occupation of visible galaxies is a mere spec of real estate in the backdrop of infinity in all directions.

  13. Scott Fein said:

    There is nothing and yet there is everything.We are children who haven’t even taken our first steps or spoken a single word as of yet.

  14. Robert J Savka said:

    If scientist are correct about the big bang starting from a singularity outwards in all possible directions which should be considered an infinite number of directions.the galaxies we see today have an infinite number of positions inwhich they form.with all the known galaxies observed not one is positioned exacty the same as with an infinite amount of directions.why is it we think the big bang was only outwards but not also inwards.the antimatter in the universe hasnt all annihilated it was shot inward with some matter remnance.this observed anomaly of missing antimatter shouldnt of just been dismissed because the math was going to be to hard would it be to figure antimatter as a symmetrical counter part that has passed through some sort of insulated neutrally charged goop in order to work together with its counter part in this universe.when a nonmagnetic mass rotates the pressure that is formed at it center is what i believe causes the mass off the antimatter to push outward and it is this symmetry that distorts the space time also explains the gravitational weak force by antimatter being influence by a magnetic also suggests that all forms of entropy in space gets sucked in over there and is causing inflation over there which creates a vacuum here where in space every possible point of singularity is a possible vacuum.the earths atmospheric pressure is caused by its magnetic fields influence on antiparticles that have a charge which creates an ionosphere here then pressure between both universes balance each other goes on and on.the one and only theory that explains a non magnetic mass in rotation will create that objects weight to decrease or disappear completely do to antimatter forced out wards from pressure the antimatter pushes out wards as a flat disk shape it creates stability with all possible singularity points it intersects with and neutralizes any gravitational forces that previously caused its weight value.