What’s The Smallest “Thing” In The Universe?

Can you guess?

Hint:  “Thing” is debatable and it is much smaller than an atom.  Usually we thing of large distances in light years and space debates focus on the farthest “thing” we can detect with our primitive tools.  However this particular video examines: the smallest unit of measurement in the Universe, the Planck Length.  What exactly does that mean?  Is this just a subatomic particle, theory or something else?

Here is a wikipedia excerpt about Max Planck:

Planck made many contributions to theoretical physics, but his fame as a physicist rests primarily on his role as an originator of the quantum theory.

There is some debate on whether a unit of measurement is a thing or not.  Since everything may be made up of spacetime and universal fabric many would argue that it is a thing.  Have an opinion?

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  1. Tracy Franklin Bell said:

    At our current understanding of the universe, a neutrino has the smallest cross section of all, being ~10^-42 m^2*. For comparison, the proton’s cross section is ~10^-29 m^2.

  2. Jason St Amand said:

    Our visible universe is nothing more than another humans brain. Life is just brains living in much larger brains for ever and ever and ever always getting smaller and or larger depending on the source.