5 Most STRANGE Animal Mysteries of All Time

heard about these?

From bigfoot to the lochness monster, reports of “strange sightings” have happened for 100s of years.  That being said, there are some animal mysteries that do have a fair amount of scientific evidence supporting them.  This video lists 5 of the most bizarre and unusual ever.  Here is an intro about the #5 mystery that made the list:

5) The USS Stein Monster

It was 1976 and the USS Stein headed into port after it’s SONAR system had experienced failure. Upon closer inspection at the port, the special rubber protective coating of the ship’s SONAR dome had cuts as long as 4 feet across. Within many of those cuts, the remains of sharp, curved claws were found – the type of claws associated with giant squid attacks.

However, these claw marks, measuring at around 4 feet across were much, much larger than any known squid previously discovered. Due to the size of these marks, it was speculated that whatever had done this damage could measure up to 150ft in length.

Most of these are rarely talked about and those who do debate their origins.

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