5 Time Travel Theories That are Bizarre

Time travel has to be possible right?  (We are of course traveling through time now) but what about going into the past or way faster into the future?  There have been many theories on this throughout the millenium and here are 5 of the most intriguing theories in regards to the subject whether pro or against believing it is possible:

5. Dr. Michio Kaku and his article “The Physics of Time Travel”

Here he states an couple of interesting challenge that would be crucial in regards to solving this issue:

First, the main problem is one of energy. In the same way that a car needs gasoline, a time machine needs to have fabulous amounts of energy. One either has to harness the power of a star, or to find something called “exotic” matter (which falls up, rather than down) or find a source of negative energy. (Physicists once thought that negative energy was impossible. But tiny amounts of negative energy have been experimentally verified for something called the Casimir effect, i.e. the energy created by two parallel plates). All of these are exceedingly difficult to obtain in large quantities, at least for several more centuries!

Exotic matter what the heck is that?  Sounds cool so how would one harness exotic matter?  Maybe we’ll find out in the future.

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