5 Time Travel Theories That are Bizarre

4. Stephen Hawking’s theory on Daily Mail

In regards to wormholes which he thinks may be necessary in regards to time travel

“Some what disappointingly,” Hawking goes on to say,

these real-life time tunnels are just a billion-trillion-trillionths of a centimetre across. Way too small for a human to pass through – but here’s where the notion of wormhole time machines is leading. Some scientists think it may be possible to capture a wormhole and enlarge it many trillions of times to make it big enough for a human or even a spaceship to enter.

With respect how does he know the size of a wormhole??  Interesting none the less.

3.  Einstein’s theory in Amanda Onion’s article for ABC

E=mc2 right?  If that is true than would it be impossible to time travel since nothing could go faster than light?  here is some more info on Einstein’s thoughts on that:

Part of the “strange” world that Einstein explained in 1905 in his theory of relativity is that time and space are joined in our universe as a four-dimensional fabric known as space-time. Stranger yet is the concept that both space and time warp as mass or speed is increased.

Travel fast and time moves more slowly. Increase the mass around you to near collapsible levels and you get the same effect.

The phenomenon has already been proven, albeit at minute scales.

Sounds a bit contradictory to his relativity theory no?  Still brilliant stuff though!

2. Forward time travel according to a certain Buddhist from wikipedia

This is a more religious or spiritual thought on the matter:

The Buddhist Pāli Canon also mentions time moving at different paces, and in the Payasi Sutta, one of Buddha‘s chief disciples Kumara Kassapa explains to the skeptic Payasi that “In the Heaven of the Thirty Three Devas, time passes at a different pace, and people live much longer. “In the period of our century; one hundred years, only a single day; twenty four hours would have passed for them

Maybe that is where to look for the answer.  how can one explain something unexplainable using only understood physics that we know about?

1.  Colin Stuart giving a TED talk in this video elaborates on Einstein’s work thinking it is a yes

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