A Black Hole Powered Star Ship?!


I know right? Sounds awesome! Yes, I know it’s a far reach, and yes it is. It’ll take more time to get there, BUT even though it’ll take time, we can still speculate! To have a starship powered by a black hole we’d need a black hole. Where would we get one? OH! How about we make one? That’s right, there are theories that say, if you take two aubatomic particles moving incredibly fast and slammed them together. You could make a black hole! Yes it’s extremely dangerous, BUT it would definitely be a huge leap forward in science! Especially if we could store that black hole!

Some scientists say that black holes give off a major amount of heat and energy. Meaning we could use a black hole to power a WHOLE lot of stuff! Maybe even a space ship? Well it sure sounds like a fun time to me. Space exploration using a black hole, sounds interesting. Scientists say that a black hole could power a trip all the way to Jupiter easily!

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  1. Jason Opheim said:

    I can’t help but believe life is more common in this galaxy than we think. So why have we not detected aliens or have proof of their existence.

    What if intelligent species reach a certain point in their technological advances where they create something they should not. What if intelligence and curiosity go hand in hand.

    Creating a black hole very well could be possible. What are the risks though? Could it be contained. Would it grow and become unstable. I can see this possibly being the end of a civilization. We do not know enough about black holes to be creating one.

    Just my random thoughts

  2. TR Derting said:

    First. ..it is not a hole. ..far from it. ..it would be a sphere. …a magnetic steel ball…n it would want the core of the planet n it’s electro magnitics in it’s spherical form n so on n on….not a hole…that would never happen. ..or it already would have happened n we wouldn’t b having this discussion. .people. …c ur here today. .c u hope tomorrow is. ..€?=X

  3. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    Harvesting the energy of a star – galaxy or the Universe does not means to physically harvest the energy given out by these galactic bodies. That’s what humans are doing now – harvesting the energy of the Sun by using solar cells. It literally means to construct a replica of these galactic bodies. Anything that spin – rotate or vibrate gives out energy of some sort in the form of frequency waves. Toroidal spin – counter-rotating discs – spiralling air/plasma/mercury/helium in a circular chamber – superfluid liquid light are known to be an energy source for propulsion systems. It would take another 500-1000 years to acquire the technology to duplicate the fundamentals of a black hole. Taking little baby steps to understand fundamentals of spiralling air – a miniature replica of a spiralling galaxy in a circular chamber – would be a great idea to start with. Think of helical vortex. Think of vertical take-off and landing. Think of 85 % of anti-gravity. Think of human in Earth obit without having giant rockets loaded with 90 % of explosive fuel. Nothing is impossible.

  4. Erich Spoonhour said:

    Micro singularity might work but the gravitational stability would be problematic to say the least might easier to try for Quantum vortex generator

  5. Gary Goldsmith said:

    but perhaps with a super massive black hole, it maybe possible to pass through the event horizon (sphere/magnetic steel ball) and travel elsewhere (another part of the universe or another universe). for what purpose other then pure curiosity.

  6. TR Derting said:

    U do realize that it has a north negative jet of garbage n a south positive stream of particles faster then the speed of light shooting light years into space. ..Wright….a sun or star has magnetic power in and around it’s core. …u wouldn’t want to use a neutron star as a stellar traveler n u wouldn’t want to play in the event horizon were stars n black spheres n other galaxy’s oh n other neutron stars r eaten by massive black magnetic steel spheres in space. ..ah I don’t think other species would ether. .maybe n entity. ..or something. .but not in this time frame. ..or again it would have already happened. ..k…the planet has bigger problems then r super massive black sphere in r galaxy n how it works. ..butt I do know. ..now that’s scary. …€?=X

  7. TR Derting said:

    Our sun is a stellar star with powerful magnetic forces. .we may use it as a travel device n the magnetics from n near earth may have a way to travel through worm holes n such…could go on butt this is another topic. ..n so I say…c ur here today. …n do the best u can….n c u hope tomorrow is…n live it to the fullest. ..€?=X

  8. Larry Taylor said:

    I’ve read somewhere that this idea is covered under The Great Filter Theory. You have a great mind and hope you continue to explore and wonder.

  9. Jason Opheim said:

    Kevin the mathematical probability of us being first in just our own galaxy when given the number of suns and the ratio of planets/moons that orbit those suns would be so astronomically unlikely that I myself doubt it, but hey someone was first.

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