Astronomers Found a Ring in Space That Spans 5.6 Billion Light Years Across

this BAFFLED a lot of astronomers…

Every now and then there is something in science which is totally surprising.  This particular discovery is quite unexpected:

A team of astronomers from Hungary and the United States has announced the discovery of the largest regular formation in the observable Universe – a ring with a diameter of 5.6 billion light-years, displayed by 9 gamma ray bursts (GRBs), and hence galaxies.

GRBs are short-lived and luminous flashes of gamma-rays from space associated with energetic explosions that have been observed in far-off galaxies. They can last from a few milliseconds to several minutes and come from random directions of the sky.

The GRBs that make up the newly-discovered ring-like structure were observed using space- and ground-based telescopes. They appear to be at very similar distances from us – around 9 billion light years – in a circle 36 degrees across on the sky, or more than 70 times the diameter of the full Moon.

Yes you read that correctly.  This thing is so big it is hard to get one’s mind around.

Do you find it odd that it took astronomers that long to discover something like that?

And do you think this means anything particular or is just another cool space phenomenon?

Let’s find out more about this discovery and check out gamma ray busts in the video on page 2

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  1. Tommy Tellor said:

    Science is awesome! Christians have a hard time wrapping their head around science such as this, but they have no problem believing in a talking snake or a virgin birth! LOL!

  2. Jason Clark said:

    You have no problem believing everything came from nothing from a big bang that made everything then with all odds stacked against it life formed in a bacterial type then for no reason at all formed a reptile then crawled out and changed to a monkey which then turned into a humanoid? ……. yeah funny , stupid Christians

  3. Anonymous said:

    This is probably the ring from the bubble universe that our collided. Like in Braneworld universe. My favorite universal theory. Giving 4 spacial dimensions and one time.

  4. Adam Ryan Spears said:

    I am a Believer in Jesus Christ, The Living Son of GOD & yes, GOD started the creation of the physical aspect of this universe with an event that we dubbed, “The Big Bang”.

    & no, The Big Bang didn’t come from nothing……it came from something.

    That something was the power of GOD’s spoken word.

    & yes, I also believe in evolution…..but not as both you & the yet-to-be Believers in Jesus Christ (or for a lack of better words, “seculars”) were deceived into believing.

    Evolution is not “Humans came from chimps” or species A (chimps, for example) gives rise to species B (Humans for example).

    That is the lie about evolution. & Both the Believer & yet-to-be Believer in Christ has believed this lie.

    Here is what evolution is:

    Evolution is just a change occuring over a time period.

    Evolution is a real feature of, at least, the physical aspect of this universe.

    The Grand Canyon is 1 of many examples of on going evolution.
    The Grand Canyon changed over many years, from cosmic radiation wearing upon it, & from wind, water & acid rain erroding it……in other words is has been & still is evolving.

    Weather evolves. The living evolves. My body is not the same now, as it was a mere hour ago. My hair, finger & toes nails have all grown since then. That’s evolution.

    GOD’s word states that GOD is The Alpha, The Omega. The Beginning & The End… other words, GOD is not bound by time. GOD is infinite.

    GOD’s Word also states that, GOD is the same yesterday, today & forever more…….in other words, GOD doesn’t change over a time period.

    In other words, GOD does not evolve.

    In other words, if you are not GOD, you do evolve…….that is to say that you undergo changes over a time period.

    But did Humans come from chimps?
    Did 1 day, all of the sudden a chimp or a quasi chimp/Human give birth to a Human……no.

    That’s the stupidest claim that I have ever heard. That is not evolution, that is ridiculous.

    & that it not how genetic info is passed from parent to offspring in multicellular organisms.

    It can’t happen simply because genetics just don’t work that way.

  5. Tommy Tellor said:

    Also, there were fathers who had sex with their daughters in the bible, all in the bible, you have better morals in the Rick James Bible, than you do the Holy Bible! LOL!