Can Any of These Exoplanets Hear Us if…

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They found 74 new exoplanets.

So we have heard from NASA and their big announcement except the exoplanet is 1,400 light years away.  Here is some more perspective on the finding and in what context it’s potential significance:

Today, NASA announced Kepler has identified 500 more possible planets, bringing the total to 4,175. And one newly discovered exoplanet, Kepler 452b, may be the most Earth-like ever.

That’s great and all, but still…kind of meaningless. We know of these planets now, but a more interesting question is: Could any of them really harbor life?

Let’s say we do make contact is that a good thing?  Should we continue to examine exoplanets and attempt to make contact or should we mind our ps and qs?  There are actually many scientists on both sides of the arguement.  I guess we won’t know if it is a good or bad idea until contact would be made right?

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