Can You Actually Count Past Infinity?

this dude trips you out…

The concept of infinity has been debated since ancient Greece and now they may have a new perspective.  The adventurous “VSauce” poses this debate from a new vantage point.  So how could this actually happen has he really discovered the impossible?  Even in calculus no matter what the teachers say they still have not sufficiently solved an asymptote.  Seriously I have never heard an explanation that completely makes sense and we may not be able to grasp the concept.

We have a feeling this topic may stir up some debate.

What are your ideas about this?

Let’s check out how someone could or couldn’t count to infinity and more in the video on page 2

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  1. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    The$#%&!@*and Yin Yang are Sacred Symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism represent EVERYTHING Infinity. Modern day configuration of figure 8 derived from this concept of Infinity. Infinity embraced many forms – the raising and setting of the Sun to the Creation Of Universes – Continuity of life – Nature in an endless flow of Energy of no beginning and no ending. Beyond infinite is Infinity.

  2. John Gadient said:

    The ideal gas law states there is no ideal gas. Similarly infinity is not a number but a number beyond. It’s a human concept like time. It’s chauvinistically human.