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Exploring Other Dimensions and Realities in Hyperspace

Exploring Other Dimensions and Realities in Hyperspace

Here is a fascinating video that goes into details and theories about how the universe works and the key to explaining things.  Here is an intro to this video and what it covers: Extra dimensions of space—the idea that we are immersed in hyperspace—may be key to explaining the fundamental nature of the universe. Relativity

Laser Tractor Beam Now Possible Wow

wait what? We once may have thought that tractor beams were only seen in Sci Fi movies, the Star Trek series and comedies like Spaceballs.  Physicists have made an actual tractor beam and here is an excerpt of their discovery: The groundbreaking tractor beam, made of a hollow laser beam (a laser bright around the

Holy Cow There is Coffee in Space

Ok there’s decaf coffee, Starbucks, gourmet coffee and all kinds of variations.  Now there is coffee in space what?  Here is an excerpt on what is happening: Moments after David Avino turned on an espresso machine in the middle of the International Astronomical Congress exhibition floor here Monday (Sept. 29), more than a dozen bystanders

5 Time Travel Theories That are Very Interesting

Time travel has to be possible right?  (We are of course traveling through time now) but what about going into the past or way faster into the future?  There have been many theories on this throughout the millenium and here are 5 of the most intriguing theories in regards to the subject whether pro or

Plasma Tubes Above Earth Have Been Discovered…Seriously?

now THAT is weird… An Australian student has discovered and confirmed giant plasma tubes above Earth?!  Ok now what does that mean exactly aside from sounding awesome?  Here is a bit more on the discovery: She managed to do something no other astronomer had before – find evidence for the hypothesised plasma tubes high above

Is This Possible? Space Stations That Self Assemble?

Ok the 3D printing revolution is in full swing.  Companies such as Stratasys and their Makerbot line of 3D printers have changed the way we manufacture things forever.  And of course, sites like Shapeways offer a never ending archive of 3D printing designs for you to download.  Now the 4D revolution is starting to take

Can Warp Drive Travel Faster than the Speed of Light?

The quest for warp speed has fascinated science fiction fans, scientists and just curious individuals for a long time.  The universe is extremely large (that is an understatement) and of course distances are measured in light years.  So what does one do if they wanted to go somewhere far but don’t want to wait for

Traveling Faster Than the Speed of Light is Impossible Right?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light right?  Well that’s what Einstein special theory of relativity says and this video ponders some interesting theories on how traveling faster than the speed of light could be possible.  What’s cool is the narrator discusses lasers, pendulums and some really interesting ways that might be able

Cool Solar System and Earth Size Perspective Video

Ok, this solar system and universal perspective video with earth is completely trippy!  Most of us understand the universe is completely enormous with light years and huge planets and all that stuff.  And astronomers are particularly aware of the extreme vastness of the universe and really grasp it.  This video diagram starting with the earth

Could Time Travel Soon Become a Reality?

Most people have wondered if time travel is possible and if so how would it work?  From supercharged DeLoreans in Back To The Future and other movies and shows we have long wondered if this really could be possible.  One of the main well known issues in regards to the subject is called The Grandfather

Why are There Ants in Space? This Article Explains

Ants are in space oh my gosh!  Well at Stanford University they launched an interesting study that not only examines the behavior of ants under different gravitational environments but also encourages more students to get involved in science. Last year, eight groups of ants flew to the International Space Station, boosted by a rocket and

The Milky Way Galaxy Has a “Hidden” Feature That Surprised Astronomers

Do you know what they found? What they found was baffling to astronomers.  They discovered this while using the VISTA telescope.  Apparently what they found was actually not known until recently.  They used some very smart methods to map a lot of different cepheid stars.  A Cepheid is basically a star with variable brightness to some extent which

This Guy Decodes Crop Circles..Is He Right?

This guy has a really interesting theory about crop circles.  He also claims to have had contact personally with many alien life forms in the last few years.  I am not one to judge, anything is possible.  There have been certain crop circles that have been poorly formed and proven to be bogus.  What is

Bizarre Discovery About the CERN Supercollider Building

The CERN headquarters building in Switzerland and is one of the largest particle physics laboratories in the world.  It’s architectural structure is an incredibly large dome shape with a hole at the top covered in glass.  It is also home to one of the most controversial programs in the world as a particle supercollider.  Some

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Does Mars Have Ocean Structures That We Never Imagined?

Surprising new studies show that the previous water volume of one of Mars’s oceans may have been much higher than what was once thought.  The new theory is based on an estimate of not just a standard water molecule H2O presence in the atmosphere but calculating for a different HDO  (heavy water).  By using super