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BANNED: When is NASA Going to Reveal What is Known About Alien Life?

BANNED: When is NASA Going to Reveal What is Known About Alien Life?

A veil of secrecy has covered the topic of extraterrestrial life for some time now.  So much so, that the result of one ‘open Q&A’ on the topic resulted in one group “Collective Evolution” being suspended for life. Good riddance? Or Good Grief? The question to most researchers into the topic of alien life isn’t if but when.

Astronomers Spotted Mysterious “Zebra Stripes” That…

what are THESE? MIT scientists have spotted more space strangeness that is sure to pique your curiosity.  And there is some history that began a few decades ago in regards to this strange discovery. This is a background about these space phenomena: Since the early 1970s, orbiting satellites have picked up on noise-like plasma waves very close

“Time Travel” Experiment From 1971 Proved That…

this is AWESOME who knew? A strange experiment is not often discussed but changed things… Do the past, present and future all exist at the same time?  Personally I think it is a possibility but am not ready to accept this yet.  However, they did an interesting experiment in 1971.  They flew a clock around the

Top 20 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Remain a Mystery

This list discusses 20 really unusual ancient artifacts from all over planet earth.  There is speculation that ancient civilizations with interaction with aliens may have had something do with some or all of these.  I am neutral on this one but if nothing else, this list is extremely interesting no matter what side you are

Gas Giants May Have a Different Origin Than Astronomers Thought

this surprised a lot of people… Apparently they have some new modeling in regards to how gas giants have formed.  And this new data was only made available very recently: Researchers say it’s possible the solar system’s biggest planets, the mighty gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, started slowly from the most humble of ingredients: tiny

Tesla Coil Lights up Noble Gases and THIS Happened

the home experimenter does something visually AMAZING…. Tesla coils and experiments with them on YouTube are gaining momentum.  The quest for efficient energy as well as studying the properties of coil configurations is really interesting.  A lot of hobbyists and DIYers have made some cool effects using electricity and related configurations.  Sometimes trying different things

At 4.37 Light Years Away It Is THE Closest Exoplanet Ever Found

This could have MAJOR implications… The closest star to us is Alpha Centauri and now astronomers have found an exoplanet orbiting this star system.  Apparently it is a triple star system which you may or may not have known.  The exoplanet is  named Alpha Centauri Bb which seems appropriate.  With an extremely low solar mass and

Who Built the Ancient “Ajanta Caves”?

they STILL don’t know… These unusual caves in a region of India have BAFFLED archaeologists. Archaeology is a fascinating filed of intense study and patience.  And the Indiana Jones series of movies that started in the 1980s definitely popularized the field for many.  Even in Part 2 The Temple Of Doom they examined some Indian

Scientists May Have Discovered a New Kind of Light

is this even possible? Just when we think we know about photons these experimenters find out some crazy stuff.  Is light a wave or a particle?  Most people think both as been covered by the site and other articles before.  And now, these physicists get technical and explain what they just spotted: Physicists from Trinity College

Guy Builds a Tesla Coil At Home and it is AWESOME

whoa! Ambitious home experimenter is inspired by Tesla and makes an awesome electric coil.  He is kind enough to make a video and walk through some of the steps.  You have likely heard of these but what exactly is a Tesla coil? A Tesla coil is a device that uses resonant circuits and alternating current

5 Most STRANGE Animal Mysteries of All Time

heard about these? From bigfoot to the lochness monster, reports of “strange sightings” have happened for 100s of years.  That being said, there are some animal mysteries that do have a fair amount of scientific evidence supporting them.  This video lists 5 of the most bizarre and unusual ever.  Here is an intro about the

A Possible Spotting Of “Planet” X – Latest Update

is it really out there? Astronomers have spotted potentially a mysterious new planet at the edge of the solar system and there is something new. Rumors of a mysterious large planet at the edge of the solar system have persisted for hundreds of years.  And now they MAY have found something. Two scientists noticed a

When They Poured Molten Copper on a Big Mac THIS Happened

any guesses on what happens? You will be surprised and grossed out.  There have been plenty of McDonalds experiments on youtube.  Many of which show the burger and fries out for a long time and usually nothing happens.  That is the part that has people debating.  Isn’t food supposed to get moldy or decompose if