When He Took Coke Cans and Added Static Electricity THIS Happens

Can you guess what it does?

The old unplugged TV set may be a surprising power source when conducted. Lucky for us this home experimenter tried and succeeded in his experiment with static electricity.  This guy does a fun home electric experiment that is extremely simple to setup.  What is so cool is that he harnesses electricity from a device that is turned off.  So how is he able to generate movement between these soda cans?

It is really simple physics and the property is more commonly known as static electricity.  You know the annoying stuff that happens when you wear socks on a rug.

On the next page he shows that there is electricity everywhere

Basically the voltage even from a turned off TV is enough to generate movement.  For the experiment all you need as a list of the following:

  • One sheet of aluminum foil..can be any brand generic from the supermarket
  • Plastic pen
  • A tab off of a soda can
  • One piece of thread
  • Two coke cans or any aluminum soda cans
  • Any type of wires although lligator clip wires work the best
  • Old school TV set not plasma or lcd