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Producing Liquid Nitrogen From Air

That’s right, you can make your own liquid nitrogen, from scratch! Well, not from scratch, but from air. Either way, that’s pretty cool! Of course you’re going to need a bunch of stuff. Which shouldn’t be too hard to get. First though, Let’s talk about where you’d be getting the nitrogen from. The Air, that’s

Pouring molten copper inside a coconut

For Science! Occasionally we need to do things not because they necessarily further the cause of science but because it’s fun and we want to see what will happen, and the following video does exactly that. This YouTuber has spent a fair amount of time pouring molten copper on several objects and this is his

“Time Travel” Experiment From 1971 Proved That…

this is AWESOME who knew? A strange experiment is not often discussed but changed things… Do the past, present and future all exist at the same time?  Personally I think it is a possibility but am not ready to accept this yet.  However, they did an interesting experiment in 1971.  They flew a clock around the

Tesla Coil Lights up Noble Gases and THIS Happened

the home experimenter does something visually AMAZING…. Tesla coils and experiments with them on YouTube are gaining momentum.  The quest for efficient energy as well as studying the properties of coil configurations is really interesting.  A lot of hobbyists and DIYers have made some cool effects using electricity and related configurations.  Sometimes trying different things

Scientists May Have Discovered a New Kind of Light

is this even possible? Just when we think we know about photons these experimenters find out some crazy stuff.  Is light a wave or a particle?  Most people think both as been covered by the site and other articles before.  And now, these physicists get technical and explain what they just spotted: Physicists from Trinity College

Guy Builds a Tesla Coil At Home and it is AWESOME

whoa! Ambitious home experimenter is inspired by Tesla and makes an awesome electric coil.  He is kind enough to make a video and walk through some of the steps.  You have likely heard of these but what exactly is a Tesla coil? A Tesla coil is a device that uses resonant circuits and alternating current

Ever Seen a “Bloch Wall Resonator” Before?

is this INSANELY COOL or what? This homemade device runs on neodymium magnets in an awesome configuration.  Many home experimenters have followed in the steps of Nikola Tesla’s work int he quest for an efficient energy device.  A lot of these have copper wires and neodymium magnets as components.  There are a lot of cool variations

He Made A Gyroscope In His Shop That Does THIS

Who knew a gyroscope can do THIS? This inventor and machinist makes a precision gyroscope in his maker space.  Many home enthusiasts and science fans know a gyroscope exhibits magical properties in that it seems to float when it spins.  You can see these effects all over the world.  Here is his intro to this

This Guy Made an 84 Watt “Death Star” At Home

Darth Vader would be jealous… A mini “death star” was made at home by this experimenter and it works.  Some spend their time teaching science and physics and others come up with tests and inventions.  In the case of LaserGadgets, he does both.  Not only does he have an archive of home experiments, he is

Guy Makes a “Coil Neoball Pulser” at Home and its Sweet

ever seen this? Many YouTubers and home experimenters have made Tesla coils and different variations in the pursuit of efficient energy. Clever home experimenter makes an unusual energy device and it makes THE weirdest sound. Some of them are different such as a “spooky configuration” and many of them use copper coils and neodymium magnets.

Did He Just Make a Rocket in His Garage?

this is AMAZING Ambitious home experimenter attempts to build a working rocket.  He even walks you through the steps and lights it up on video. Note:  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME OR WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL. Have you ever made anything in your garage or have a friend who has? Commenter YeOlde

Li-Fi May Be 100 X Faster Than Wi-Fi

that is crazy… This new technology may change the internet forever. The invention of wi-fi has changed interaction as we know it, enabling small and large devices to get a fast internet connection with no wires. Now there is a new game in town “Li-Fi” and it might be up to 100 times faster than wi-fi. You

10 Weird Optical Illusions are Absolutely Bizarre

these are so TRIPPY… Optical illusions are funny in that they play with the way the brain makes sense of the physical world.  The artist MC Escher who drew many detailed sketches in the earlier part of the 1900s made a living combining surrealism and optical illusion in his very interesting works.  In the video