They May Have Found Cosmic Particles Inside the Pyramids

wait what?

THIS may be the most promising test telling us who built the pyramids.  Out of all of archaeology, you would be hard pressed to find a more discussed and debated topic as the pyramids in Egypt.  From heiroglyphics, to carbon dating and other methods, it seems as if the only fact that archaeologists agree on is that they are old.  And now they will be using “space stuff” 😉 left inside the pyramids:

An international team of researchers will soon begin analysing cosmic particle data collected from inside Egypt’s Bent Pyramid, in the hopes of gaining insight into how the 4,600-year-old structure was built – including signs of any hidden passages or chambers.

For the past month, researchers have had highly sensitive detectors tucked away inside the pyramid, collecting data on invisible subatomic particles known as muons, which are constantly raining down on us from Earth’s atmosphere.

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  1. Scott Allen said:

    I’d like to know how looking for Cosmic particles would help tell how they were made. Unless you are leaning towards extraterrestrial construction.

  2. Justin Earnhart said:

    They’re using them as more of an sonar type system to see if there are any hidden passages they haven’t found… Talk about twisting a headline to get clicks…

  3. Carl DeCamillo said:

    So basicall a normal occuring phenomenon happened while the pyramids were built? How hard is it to believethat actual people built the pyramids?

  4. Harvey LaGrange III said:

    When you look at the perfection that is the great pyramids, the size, the precise measurements (that we can barely match to this day) the time it was built. Ya damn right it’s hard to believe humans were capable of it back in those days. They are a wonder of the world for good reason.

  5. Carl DeCamillo said:

    Yes, but they were made by people and the thing that I detest is the “magical” alien thinking that it is impossible for people to carry out the construction of these world wonders. There are wood slats inside the pyramid that were used to move the incredibly heavy blocks.

  6. Robert J Savka said:

    Its hard to listen to modern mans interpretations concerning our ancient ancestors and there intelligence.When our ancestors throughout the earth seemed to be connected by a common goal.Which shaped there very paths in life.We share no similarity in our present time.our ancestors seemed consumed by a creator god.This can be seen as the case in all areas of there lives and studies.Lets speculate for a minute that they had achieved a deeper understanding in this area just as we.have achieved understanding to various fields of study.If they had acheived somesort of deeper understanding of god why would they need all of the modern gadgets of today.