Could This Actually Be a Way To Time Travel?

is this bogus or actually possible?

Some scientists think it is possible albeit differently than we might think.  This video is from a theoretical and philosophical examination of time travel possibilities.  The gentleman who narrates the video poses a very fascinating and “different” way to think about time traveling possibilities!  Here is what he had to say:

After struggling for years Dr. Ronald Mallett has a scientific epiphany. In this episode, Dr. Mallett presents his unique theory of time travel, the limitations involved, and life lessons he’s gleaned.

EPIPHANY is a daily series that invites impassioned thought leaders across all disciplines to reveal the innovative, the improbable, and the unexpected of their worlds.

Does he say anything new or pose a groundbreaking point of view that may effect this area of study going forward?

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  1. Leon Santamaria said:

    No way…..when you go to the store….in one time…in the nex day you can back to the same store in the same time….time is continuing….and no go back….just go…and go…when stop..we didn’t know.