Could There be a Simultaneous Reality Happening RIGHT NOW?

is this possible? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Some “out there” folks and even scientists think this might be.  This is an extremely interesting and thought provoking topic.  Here is a fascinating video exploring our reality and potentially an alternate reality.   There are even serious discussions about 11 dimensions.

Here is an intro into this fascinating video.  And quantum physics have pointed somewhat in this direction:

Proposed a century ago to better explain the mind-bending behavior of the smallest constituents of the universe, quantum theory has implications far beyond the atom. This rich set of laws has applications both practical and extraordinary — from the technology that has revolutionized modern life to the possibility of parallel worlds.

Our audience joined Alan Alda as he accompanied Brian Greene, Nobel Laureate William Phillips and other leading thinkers at the vanguard of quantum research on an accessible multimedia exploration of the astounding weirdness of the quantum world.

Is this too much and what are your ideas on this?  It is a very controversial and fascinating topic of debate.  Scientists are on both sides of this one.

Let’s find out if an alternate reality is possible and what this is all about in the video on page 2

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  1. Charles Hendry said:

    All the money and energy and resources we wasted on all wars total we could be on other planets by now and harvesting the universe

  2. David Hua Ken Cheng said:

    Let us look deeper into the Properties of particle quantum entanglement. Two particles of photons exist simultaneously at two different locations. Are they entangled because they have similar properties or are they entangled because of having similar electromagnetic fields. Would the two photon particles entangled if they do not have electromagnetic fields at all. Is it possible that no two particles are the same. If two particles are not the same – then – two Parallel Universes may exist simultaneously at two different locations – each with different properties. They exist simultaneously because of the entanglement of electromagnetic fields at quantum level.

  3. Rick LaPier said:

    being as electrons can and have been seen to disappear from one side of a barrier and reappear on the other I would say yes. There is obviously a way to get around barriers in the atomic world.

  4. Ya'sin Kelly said:


    I am personally of the opinion that time itself is #spherical (as is the case concerning space) irrespective of the misconception that portrays it as #lineal.

    The current reality as we know it is simply a minute part of this greater reality constituting an eternal paradigm.

    Our reality “right now” is merely an observation of one particular version of eternity from the infinite range of potentials. This in my opinion is why we can get deja vue (which I actually experienced today at uni l) 🙂