Did Time Travel On a Particle Level Just Get Proven?

What did they find out in their experiment?  Here is some more background:

It has long been known that single atoms can also display wave-particle duality.

To carry out their experiment, Truscott and his team collected about a thousand helium atoms, cupping them with lasers, and cooled them to one billionth of a degree above absolute zero. The crowded atoms bumped and jostled, knocking each other out of the laser trap, until eventually a single atom remained.

The team then allowed the atom to fall towards crisscrossing laser beams. The lasers split the atom’s trajectory into two possible paths. After the atom passed the crossroads, the equipment randomly switched to a set-up that either recombined the two possible paths, or did not.

The atom behaved in the same way as the photon. If the paths were recombined this produced an interference pattern typical of a wave, showing the atom travelled down two paths at once. If the paths were not recombined, the atom banged into one of the detectors at the end of each track, in the same way a pebble would.

So, which path did the atom take? Or did it take both? The same experiment gives two contradictory results – as Wheeler predicted it would.

This is groundbreaking!  And here is a traditional double slit experiment video as well!

thanks to cosmosmagazine.com for the great info


  1. Mike Guay said:

    Quantum particles aren’t bound to the same physical laws as we who live in the macro universe.
    Si it may indeed have happened, but I pity the lab rat you try this with. Lol

  2. Shane Dyer said:

    Do we even know what is happening all around us? Is this all some sort of virtually reality? We see what light reflects to our eyes but do we see reality? Between this, and me recently learning about the function of a atom, it’s like the possibilities just keep going. My mind is soaring.

  3. Tevin Williams said:

    Its almost as if the universe is finite on a grand scale but infinite to us. If the universe is constantly expanding, that technically means it is finite, if you are able to go beyond that speed factor and see an edge that is. But here’s a bigger question, if there is an edge to it, what’s beyond that edge and what will happen should one venture beyond that threshold???