[Eclectic Skeptic] Paul Hellyer “4 Species Of Extraterrestrial Exists AT LEAST…”

“They live among us” has never rung so true after listening to what former high-ranking defence minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer,  has breached on the subject of life in outer space.

Life comes in many shapes and forms, right?

Broach the subject while on the topic of space and many may joust you to the death on the exact opposite of a phrase we have come to accept that represents the variety species of life that exists here on Earth.

Not Paul Hellyer.  Known unofficially as “The Worlds Highest Ranking Alien Believer” watch Paul casually assert his belief that face to face meetings with aliens have definitely occurred.  Not only that, he claims of evidence detailing 4 species of extraterrestrial listed as follows: (hear it from himself below)

  • “A preying mantis type species”
  • “A short gray species”     – cartoon like appearances
  • “A tall gray species”         – human-like in stature and appearance
  • “Nordic Blonde species  – indistinguishably human

Hellyer states that clearance for this level of information is higher the clearance level required to develop the H-Bomb, while adding that several of the technological advances in areas of, fiberoptics, microchips, kevler, lasers have had leaps in their development due specifically to these extraterrestrial beings.

A creepy and ominous Hellyer also describes that alien species are documenting our development of atomic and hydrogen bombs as of means of preventing our own M-A-D, with results that would ring throughout the cosmos.

Keep an open mind and listen to the man himself.

Or chalk it up to the raving’s of a madman and forget about it…

Your choice